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Buying a luxury home in Dubai has always been a tempting decision for smart investors. An excellent chance to increase your capital, get in touch with a gold mine and ensure a comfortable old age. The country seems attractive both for its residents and for foreign investors who love large-scale and ambitious financial ideas, reliability and a long-term perspective. Without exaggeration, investing in luxury homes in the UAE is a good strategy for making money. Work in the safest and most modern state in the world, relax in elite SPA complexes, enjoy the sea view from the windows of your home or provide this opportunity to others – the choice depends on the buyer.

Why buy a house in Dubai now?

  • The cost of real estate in the UAE is approximately the same as in Ukraine. Despite the relative cheapness, democratic price list, the standard of living in the emirates is much higher. It attracts people in different parts of the world to invest money. A house with a “history” in the CIS countries sometimes costs even more than a new building, which is equipped with all the latest technologies and modern solutions, as well as swimming pools and gyms.
  • The idea of ​​buying a house in Dubai is optimal for anyone who wants to hide money, make money on resale or rent. Renting out housing, the purchase of real estate pays off after 16 years. And by buying a home for resale today, in a year you can earn 30% of its original value.
  • 3. Buying an apartment in the Emirates = obtaining a residence permit. According to the current law, the buyer can obtain a resident visa for three or five years by buying a home in the country. While some people have to fight for a residence permit, learn languages, prove their family ties, in the UAE it is enough to acquire housing.
  • There are no hidden fees, additional taxes and financial surprises that pop up at the most unexpected moment. Having received a consultation from a real estate agency in the UAE, you can make sure that this is true. Most industries are not taxed (except for financial institutions and enterprises that are engaged in the production of gas and oil). Personal income, business income is not taxed.
  • Buying luxury houses in the UAE and having the keys to the apartments in your hands, you don’t have to worry about your future. Since the country’s rapidly developing economy, strong law attracts investors and acts as a guarantor of stability, financial independence and steadfastness.
  • A high level of security provides maximum protection for all apartments and eliminates all owner’s worries. Thus, being in another country, he can be sure that nothing will happen to his property, even if he keeps suitcases filled with diamonds in the house.
  • Attractiveness of the state in terms of tourism, earnings and education. The influx of tourists, businessmen and students is rapidly increasing and the metropolis, built in the desert, is becoming more and more lively. There are more opportunities for earning and living. Ultra-luxury hotels, expensive cars, entertainment for every taste and luxury boutiques – exactly what a modern person needs.
  • The possibility of remote purchase of an elite home in the UAE online is available. By contacting an expert of a real estate agency for help, you can get advice from a qualified specialist and entrust him with the procedure by providing the necessary documents, details and permits.
  • Bank transfer, cash or cryptocurrency. The acquisition of real estate is available through various payment methods. And how to pay – the future owner chooses on his own.

Is it worth contacting a real estate agency?

After quarantine in 2020, the housing market has stabilized, but you can still buy luxury houses in the UAE in 2022 at the same not increased prices. Now is the time to turn to proven masters of their craft and invest money wisely. If investing in startups carries a high level of risk and cryptocurrencies are not associated with stability, investing in housing is a great option.

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