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Now the real estate market can offer housing for all tastes – from penthouses and apartments with layouts that can satisfy the most capricious buyers, to houses with large plots, cottages with a garden, verandas, and townhouses. The last type of housing we mentioned has long ago gained a loyal following among people who would like to have more space than in an apartment and still have such amenities as a garage, a veranda, and a small garden. Therefore, it`s not surprising that townhouses in Dubai are rapidly gaining popularity and are becoming a tidbit that people want to snatch for potential investments and for living with their families.

What is a townhouse: Features, Benefits

Now we call a townhouse a multi-level dwelling with an independent heating system and a small plot of land. It is essentially a complex of houses for several apartments, united by one wall and roof and with a separate entrance for each family. They are often built in a single line. You can say that it`s a hybrid of an apartment and a house. The UAE is famous for its picturesque sights and beautiful beaches, so if you are going to buy a townhouse in Dubai, choose a location that will give you a stunning view of the Persian Gulf or the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah.

As for the benefits of townhouses, there are many, but it all depends on your lifestyle and purchase goals. Is this real estate for life or a way to make a profitable investment? To dispel your doubts about whether it is worth buying a townhouse in the UAE or not, the fact regarding the cost of maintaining such housing can also be dispelled. For example, maintaining a villa is much more expensive due to the larger area. Accordingly, the insurance fee and expenses for maintenance of the townhouse, furniture will be lower.

So, the main advantages of buying a townhouse:

  • Convenient location. They can be located either in the center of Dubai or closer to the outskirts. Select properties based on your needs (work, family) and budget. You can go to UAE real estate websites and check out the options in all areas;
  • Nice prices. Buy a townhouse is cheaper than a mansion or an apartment in a prestigious area, although the area will be the same;
  • Planning. Two or three floors and a lot of space are what make luxury townhouses in Dubai so comfortable for a large family with children;
  • Your plot of land. It may not be large, but you can use it to create a recreation area, a small greenhouse, put sun loungers, and a barbecue;
  • Lack of a large number of neighbors. They will either be on the right or the left. So you you don’t have to worry about the fact that your peace will be disturbed;
  • Garage for each apartment and parking space;
  • Eco-friendliness. Often townhouses in the UAE are built in green areas, so you can breathe clean air and enjoy walks away from the noisy center.

What real estate agency should I choose?

If you contact The Capital Dubai real estate agency, you will only need to put all your wishes into one puzzle, and we`lldo the rest. We`ll choose the best luxury townhouses in UAE, our real estate experts will supervise every stage of the transaction, and our lawyers will help you with the drawing up of all the documents. Demand for townhouses in the UAE is constantly growing because it`s a great chance to save capital, as well as significantly increase it by leasing real estate and reselling it.

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