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Buying your own home is always a quivering process, which the future homeowner approaches with all responsibility. Having an apartment, a house and a suburban area in your own country, you want to look at new perspectives, discover other opportunities and break all patterns. In this context, the decision to buy a duplex in Dubai is an ideal option.

Why? This format of the house is in demand, as all the duplexes offered by our real estate agency in the United Arab Emirates boast modern technology, improved space inside, innovative solutions, and sophisticated design. Compared to detached houses or apartments, luxury duplexes in Dubai have more advantages. Their key advantage is a relatively low price and high autonomy. Penthouses, villas are always more expensive than duplex, but there are no significant differences.

Who is suitable for this type of property?

With investments in Dubai, sectors such as real estate, education, tourism, as well as technology industries, including robotics and artificial intelligence, are growing at a fast pace. The emirate has already entered the top ten fintech centers on the planet. Before you start saving money and looking at catalogs, you need to take a look at the list of categories of people who might be interested in buying:

  • Competent investors. You can spend all your money on a villa, a private house, or buy a luxury UAE duplex, while saving money, but getting all the same benefits. Autonomy, your own space, personal play area, barbecue location.
  • Families. Any girl needs her own wardrobe, children need a place where they can frolic and play Monopoly, dominoes, play with machines on the control panel, a man needs that very personal room where he will generate his thoughts, make deals and create documents. Therefore duplex in Dubai is able to meet the needs of every family member.
  • Newbies in the UAE. They are not yet ready to fully commit themselves to life in the emirates, buy their own house, do renovations and planning. But they are already ready to take a step into the unknown in order to get to know the internal cuisine, laws, traditions and real estate of the country.

Individual features of this type of housing

The key difference between an elite duplex in Dubai and other types of housing lies in its layout and appearance. These are two floors of freedom, which are united by one staircase inside the house. Often, due to the large areas of two or three floors, it seems that this is not an apartment, but a full-fledged multi-storey building. Compared to villas, a duplex in the UAE will always be more compact. A family consisting of a mother, father and two children can comfortably live here. Each will have a separate room and one bathroom for two children and two adults.

Since Dubai is luxury, wealth, beauty, security, this emirate can be considered the second most popular tourism destination for our compatriots after Egypt and Turkey. Developers are competing with each other and today they are ready to offer a duplex in Dubai with a sea view. And high ceilings, panoramic windows seem to erase the walls, make the rooms brighter and sunnier, and the view of the coast attracts with its beauty. This is a great option for living in a good location, or renting space to guests.

What can a person get by buying an elite duplex in Dubai?

  • Prestige. It is always a pleasure to invite friends to such apartments. This type of property can demonstrate how wealthy the owner is, emphasize his status, financial position and indicate his good taste.
  • Excellent soundproofing. Developers make sure that residents feel comfortable and do not feel any anxiety, do not hear extraneous sounds and have a healthy sleep.
  • High quality repairs and finishes. All duplexes in Dubai are built to last. Modern technologies and high-quality materials are used. Only leading designers and builders who work like jewelers are involved in cooperation, taking into account all the smallest details.

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