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The Middle East used to seem quite closed to most people because of the restrictions dictated by religion, as well as not very developed infrastructure, specific laws, and general instability.

It seemed to be a separate world not wanting anyone else to become part of it. And if nowadays just mentioning the UAE is enough to immediately evoke associations with luxury, money, rapid development, skyscrapers, technology, and business, a while ago the Emirates were perceived through the prism of skepticism. At that time no one even thought of buying an apartment in Dubai, moving there, or investing in any real estate.

Now Dubai is synonymous with a promising future and progress. It is a metropolis that grew out of the desert. There is the highest building in the world, the largest shopping center, a unique artificial island, and the most expensive hotel in the world and this is not the whole list of things that astonish and delight, and make tourists from all over the world to return here again and again. And of course now many have another goal on the list – to buy an apartment in the UAE and touch this urban paradise.

Why should you buy an apartment in the UAE?

Imagine getting an “unlimited subscription” to walks by the sea surrounded by palm trees and restaurants, the highest level of service in all establishments, quality medicine and education, and real estate for every taste and wallet. This is all and more Dubai has to offer.

But this is only one side of the coin. The other side is the possibility of making the apartment in Dubai your source of passive income. You can rent them to tourists and locals, as well as resell them at the best possible terms. And if you invest in the construction phase, after a few years you can get a luxury property in one of the respectable areas of the UAE.

Also, buying an apartment in the Emirates – is a good idea, because:

  • There are no real estate taxes in Dubai. You will only need to pay the registration fee, and the price of apartments in the UAE is constantly decreasing. A truly professional real estate agency in Dubai just to help you find the perfect balance between a good price and profitability of the property;
  • High percentage return on investment. In this city, real estate is almost never out of demand, and if it`s located in the top area, the return can be about 8%;
  • You feel protected in terms of the law, as the government of Dubai controls all real estate transactions;
  • You will not fall prey to fraud, and will not get caught by the unscrupulous developer, because they participate in public tenders, and only companies that are all right with the reputation and have a license can build new buildings. But you can find the desired objects through the agency for the purchase of apartments in Dubai, so you don`t have to worry about the reliability of the builder and the result of the transaction.

Well, the most significant advantage that gives the purchase of the real estate in the Emirates is a resident visa. Depending on the amount of investment you can get a visa for 3 years (if you buy an object at a price of $ 204,000) and 5 years (if you buy an object at a price of $ 544,500).

How to buy an apartment in UAE through a real estate agency?

Our agency The Capital Dubai is interested in making sure that a spark will fly between you and the property we select. That is why we will get to know all your preferences, find exclusive offers from developers, make sure you will be delighted with the price of your apartment in Dubai, and of course make sure you will get the best views from the windows of your apartment and the greenest plants on the territory of the complex. No contentious situations or unfortunate scenarios. We will find the best apartments in Dubai, and you just get ready for a new page of your life filled with sunrises by the sea and the lights of skyscrapers.

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