How many degrees is it in the United Arab Emirates depending on the month of the year?

When planning a trip to the UAE, it`s better to find out in advance about the changes in the weather at different times of the year. With this information, you will be able to manage the goals of the trip and plan your vacation.

In general, the UAE is characterized by high temperatures and distinct seasonality, and the weather in the UAE dominates most of the time, influenced by two factors – in the north, the emirates adjoin the subtropical zone, and the territory itself is a tropical belt. However, tropical downpours bypass the emirates, as the main area of the country is a desert.

Weather in the UAE in different seasons

What you definitely don’t have to worry about is the cold. Warm weather is stable here. The maximum temperature reaches 50°C, and the average is 28°C. Winter is a comfortable season for a relaxing holiday in the Emirates, if you don’t like the heat. The air temperature reaches 23 ° C and the water temperature in the Arab Emirates at this time is kept at 19 ° C. You may not enjoy swimming in the sea, but it’s perfect for hiking or outdoor activities. In the spring, however, you can safely come to the UAE for a beach holiday. The scorching sun is not yet in its active phase, but you can already sunbathe, swim and spend time by the sea.

But be prepared for the fact that it’s precisely because of such comfortable weather that there are a lot of tourists at this time, so book everything in advance. You can come to the Emirates in any season, you will not run into any significant weather anomalies, just immediately check what the temperature in the Emirates with the help of the website Dubai Air Quality Forecast.

Sandy deserts, rocky mountains, artificial islands – such a contrasting landscape will be able to satisfy the appetite of almost anyone who loves to travel. If you decide to buy an apartment in Dubai, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the city of the future, which can be quiet and allow you to take shelter from the heat on the green terraces of luxury residential complexes. And at the same time it can be bright, bustling, reminiscent of New York City and breathtaking with its skyscrapers.

Features of the UAE

The sun in the Emirates is different from the sun we are used to. Accordingly, if you are there in the period from June to August, then follow the recommendations that will allow you to save your health:

  • Wear clothes made of cotton fabrics;
  • Don`t go out without a hat;
  • Don’t forget sunglasses and SPF sunscreen;
  • Keep a bottle of water in your bag.

If you care about the degree of sea in the Emirates, and you are purposefully going there to rest on the coast of Oman and the Persian Gulf, then the early winter and late fall is the best time.

In addition, consider the peculiarities of the location of the Emirates that it`s a desert and that it`s characterized by certain points:

  • high humidity levels;
  • dry weather;
  • periodic rains and sandstorms;
  • low levels of oxygen in the air.

These points are unlikely to spoil your stay in the UAE, but it is worth knowing about them for people who have any health problems. Especially those who have a hard time with humidity and heat.

And remember that comfort is measured not only by a good hotel room, but also by how you feel, so before the trip to Dubai be sure to look how many degrees it is now in the Emirates, and based on this choose the appropriate clothing. And if you have a desire to move to the UAE and you’re wondering how to buy property in Dubai, we suggest you start by looking at the properties on our website. Found something that interests you? Write to us, we will tell you about everything and provide quality advice.

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