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Villas for Sale in Dubai

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Luxury Villas for Sale in Dubai

Are you looking for a villa for sale in Dubai? Go no further than this guide. We will cover everything important about villas in Dubai. The city is an internationally acclaimed tourist spot, attracting millions of visitors annually. Because of that there are many villas in Dubai. Together with clever government policy, it resulted in billions of dollars invested in the real estate market to build more houses in Dubai.

What you need to know before attempting to buy a villa in Dubai? Let’s go through a checklist of what to consider before you buy a house in Dubai:

  1. Reasons behind a purchase
  2. Your budget
  3. Broker services
  4. Type of property
  5. Location
  6. Developer
  7. Payment Plan

What motivates you to search for homes for sale in Dubai? Why did you decide to become an owner? Either you buy it for yourself and plan to live there, or you want to invest and rent it out or resell. It affects the kind of property you pick and location, etc. For example, not every district offers villas. So, you should only search in the areas that have villa communities. 

Villas Price in Dubai

Entry price for a house for sale in Dubai is AED 1,000,000 (roughly $ 250,000). Mansions in Dubai can cost as much as AED 20,000,000 and more, depending on size, location, developer, furniture, etc.

It is always more expensive to buy on the secondary market than buying off-plan property directly from a developer. The difference amounts to the gain investors receive, buying new Dubai houses for sale, and then reselling it later. 

Broker Agency

Real estate market in Dubai is a world in itself. Many people search for Dubai homes for sale. A lot of agencies offer brokerage services. Brokers can help you find a Dubai villa for sale that will suit your needs. 

Type of Dubai Villas for Sale

A villa can also be called a townhouse, a cottage or a mansion. Sometimes the essence stays the same, only the wording differs. In other cases, Dubai mansions have different architecture, design, and location from Dubai villas. The number of bedrooms (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and floor plans can also differ. 


Pick an area. It affects the price and property type. Some areas don’t have villas at all, while others only have villas. There are more popular areas and less popular areas. It may depend on proximity to the city center and availability of amenities. Most of the luxury homes in Dubai have a wide range of amenities available such as swimming pools, barbecue zones, spa, parks, gardens, surveillance, concierge services, etc. 

There are exclusive luxury communities and areas with more affordable properties. For example, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah are considered to be premium districts, since they are located in the center of Dubai and because of tourist activity. On the contrary, such areas as Al Furjan, Dubai Sports City or Dubai Media City offer quite affordable studios and condos, since they are located further from the city center and attract less visitors. 

Developer & Payment Plan

You have 2 options: buying an off-plan villa directly from developers or buying it on a secondary market. Your choice will affect house prices in Dubai. All developers have various unique projects. If you buy directly from a developer, you can get different types of payment plans. You pay a part of it instantly (20%, 30% or 40%) and the rest annually. You can resell your villa even before you have completed paying the whole price and get a 100-200% profit. 

Now you can easily buy a villa in Dubai. Contact us for a consultation.