How much do cigarettes cost in the emirates

If millionaires are wondering how to buy a villa in Dubai, then travelers who are just getting acquainted with the traditions and cultural values ​​of the Arab state are trying to delve into the price of food products in more detail.

A couple of years ago, the UAE government introduced new excise tax rates to regulate the pricing of goods deemed harmful to human health or the environment. As such, the new tax rates also apply to products containing tobacco, including cigarettes, pipes, water pipes, and more.

While the government announced the first revised prices for cigarettes in the UAE in 2018, there has been further increases in late 2019 in the interests of public health and safety. These taxes and updated rules announced by the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) went into effect on December 1, 2019. The new excise percentage in the UAE on products containing tobacco is 100%, and this automatically raises the price of cigarettes and e-cigarettes in the country. Therefore, how much a pack of cigarettes costs in the United Arab Emirates is directly related to innovations in the legislative framework.

Current price list

Cigarette prices in Dubai and other UAE countries currently start at AED 8.50. This minimum price applies to all cigarette brands in the UAE, as well as to tobacco products that are sold in the state. A standard pack of 20 cigarettes used to cost between AED 4 and 6 and now costs AED 8.50.

Moving on, to understand how much cigarettes cost in the United Arab Emirates and how to save money on it, you need to take a look at buying in bulk. Each box of 10 packs will now cost at least AED 80 more than before. This is also due to the peculiarities of the law.

Buying cigarettes in the country

Of course, by contacting a real estate agency in the United Arab Emirates, a school or a cafe, it is unlikely that you will be able to buy this product. But in specialty stores or malls, there is a wide variety of brands on the shelves. On average, most packs of cigarettes cost 10 AED in the tourist city of Dubai. The most popular cigarettes are considered to be Marlboro cigarettes, prices for which were already 100% increased three years ago. Another 5% increase in VAT resulted in a cost of 21 AED per pack. And now another dirham has been added to the cost of the excise tax.

Cheaper cigarette brands in the UAE are Pine, Bone, 007 and Three Stars, while Marlboro and Davidoff are popular expensive brands in the country. Marlboro and Davidoff have developed a low cost range to keep demand stable. Cheaper cigarette brands used to cost around AED4 per pack, but prices have now doubled.

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