How much does it cost to eat in the emirates?

Surely, upon arrival in the UAE, everyone is interested not only in what sights to see, how to buy a house in Dubai, and what excursions are better to book, but also what kind of food in the United Arab Emirates, because this is an opportunity to get acquainted with a new cuisine.

And how can one resist the magical appeal of oriental food with all the variety of spices? Of course not. Let’s talk about food prices in more detail!

Cafes and restaurants in the UAE

You should immediately look for budget options away from tourist sites. This trend can be easily seen if you look at how much food costs in the Emirates — the further away from the tourist spots, the lower prices you will find. Dubai — this is a place where crowds of tourists come, there are many establishments both luxury and ordinary. So:

  • A lunch consisting of several dishes and drinks in an ordinary cafe will cost you $20-25;
  • A complex breakfast in an establishment in the center of Dubai will cost $10-15. But this does not mean that the price of food in the Emirates always stays on the same level. There are also supermarkets and markets where you can
  • buy food at a low price and cook something yourself;
  • A trip to McDonalds can cost around $8-$10.

Summing up — eating in cafes and restaurants is not entirely profitable, you will spend about $ 175 a week, but of course you can visit interesting places from time to time!

Dishes you must try

In any country there are signature dishes that can be used to characterize the country. They act as a calling card — you know that locals cook them, tourists buy them, so first of all you want to try them. It’s the same with real estate. Once in the UAE, everyone thinks about buying a townhouse in the United Arab Emirates, because this is one of the most popular real estate options. Well, back to our topic. Why be interested in how much coffee costs in the emirates when you can find out about signature food, right?

It includes:

  • camel meat with different sauces. In the UAE, it is fried, stewed, baked;
  • lamb meat, especially stew served with rice;
  • chickpea balls with spices;
  • hummus;
  • Puff pies with meat and onions called “sambusa”.

Street food in the UAE is no less interesting, you can find truly colorful dishes there, so do not be guided by what the cost of “eating” in the emirates is and arrange a gastro tour yourself, covering establishments, markets, and fairs.

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