How much is beer in the Emirates

Only a real tourist from Russia searches Google not for the sights of the country, but for the answer to the question of how much alcohol costs in the Emirates and where you can buy it cheaper.

According to the statistics, in restaurants the price of homemade beer (1 pint checker) is 38.00 AED, while imported beer (12 ounces of a small bottle) will cost the customer 40.00 AED. To save money and save at least 16 AED, you can stop by the market. Here, homemade beer (0.5 liter bottle) will cost 14.38 AED, and for imported beer (12 ounces of a small bottle) you will have to pay 24.15 AED. Of course, the savings are significant, some travelers treat the issue with humor and say that you can save up for the best villa in Dubai if you go to the market a couple of times not to a restaurant for beer, but to the market.

What do tourists write about their experience of buying beer?

Let’s get acquainted with the main comments that were left on review sites regarding the price of alcohol in the Emirates:

  • I’ve had the good fortune to vacation here many times, so I know it’s not cheap, but 2 years ago I was paying around AED 45 for a pint and a little less for house wine. I know that the exchange rate has dropped 10% in the last month, but the rate is actually very similar to what we saw 2 years ago.
  • In general, a pint in a 5-star hotel means that you will have to pay an average of about 45-50 AED per pint. On The Palm, however, it’s 50 to 60 AED a pint, and newer hotels tend to charge higher prices. I thought Rixos JBR was more expensive than its neighbors, as were The Four Seasons and Palazzo Versace. But the prices are similar everywhere.
  • When you’re in captivity, such as in a pool, expect to pay more – it’s not surprising if the price of drinks changes at the resort. Initially, the prices listed at the Maui Beach Bar at the Sofitel were around 38, then rose to 45 for Guinness.

Therefore, when visiting UAE real estate websites, it is best to bet on location when choosing a hotel. If there is a supermarket or a regular store nearby, this is a chance to save money.

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