How to get to the Emirates now

Fans of warm countries, good rest and eventful travel are interested in whether it is possible to go to the emirates now and what should be in the hands of a tourist for this long-awaited trip. As of today, the authorities of the country open their borders both for Russians and for representatives of prosperous countries.

If the borders of the country are crossed for transit, then it is not necessary to have a visa. The main thing is that a person leaves the country within 24 hours and does not leave the transit zone. The question of how to fly to the Emirates is now often interconnected with the issue of obtaining a visa. To get to the UAE, there is no need to worry about a visa while at home. Since the tourist visa is granted directly at the airport. It allows you to stay in the state for exactly 90 days. While in the country, you should show your passport to the border control officer, he will put a stamp and allow you to stay in the state.

Package of documents for visiting the country:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 more months.
  • Medical insurance.
  • A vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test result is no longer needed.

All visitors to the country who come to see the sights, culture, find a new job, get a medical service or buy a penthouse in the UAE will be kindly received by the country.

Emirates Covid-19 protocols

The UAE remains the safest, most spectacular, culturally rich destination that tourists have ever visited in this lifetime. The UAE is open to all travelers and is ready to welcome newcomers. From February 26, 2022, a pre-flight test to the UAE is no longer required. Naturally, tourists know for sure whether it is possible to fly to the United Arab Emirates now with or without a vaccine. Vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers can visit the UAE without restrictions. As of November 7, 2022, almost all Covid-19 restrictions in the UAE have been lifted, this means a green status in the Al Hosn app, hence negative PCR tests are no longer required to enter museums, hotels, restaurants in the UAE.

Masks should only be worn in medical facilities. You can visit a beauty salon, a Dubai real estate agency, roller coasters, water activities without a mask. The wearing of masks in the UAE is now optional in all outdoor and indoor areas, including busy places and mosques. Every visitor to the country who tests positive for Covid-19 in the UAE must be isolated for five days.

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