Is it possible for unmarried girls to go to the emirates?

Almost everyone wants to go to the UAE. If not for relaxation, then at least just to see with your own eyes all the skyscrapers, the chic Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah, and other attractions. Or to invest in real estate and buy a duplex in the UAE in a popular area and receive a steady income.

And of course, both men and women come to the emirates. But the UAE is a country with its own conservative laws and regulations. And very often female representatives have a question – is it possible for unmarried women to visit the emirates and will they have problems during their stay in the country?

Is there a danger?

Islam and Sharia’s law seem intimidating to most women, especially considering that in the emirates all the supremacy is in the hands of men. In the event of any ambiguous situations, they will, first of all, listen to the man, as well as take into account his position. Because of this, many of them are worried about whether an unmarried girl can go to the Emirates because this is a matter of protection and security.

Neither Islam nor Muslims are dangerous. This religion itself provides for the wearing of closed clothing by both men and women. A small danger may rather lurk in visitors from Pakistan, India, etc. They can hit on women, especially if no one is around. But the word “police” immediately sobers up any man with a hot temper, since in the UAE you can go to jail for harassment. Therefore, if you have doubts about whether an unmarried person can enter the United Arab Emirates, then the answer will be unequivocal – yes, you can! In Turkey and Egypt, the situation is more deplorable.

What are the rules for women to follow?

A lonely, attractive girl who has arrived in the UAE and, for example, is sunbathing on the beach, will definitely fall into the field of view of some Arabs. Perhaps even he will insistently demand your attention. In order not to provoke such males to such behavior, it is better to follow certain safety rules:

  • follow the dress code and don`t go in open clothes in public places. You don’t have to wear a hijab, but plunging necklines, miniskirts, and short shorts are best avoided. Ideally, clothing should cover your legs up to your knees.
  • don’t linger near the places where the construction is going on. Especially in the evenings. The visiting workers who work there may pester you. And they are not as reserved as the locals. Going back to whether unmarried women can go to the Arab Emirates, it is worth emphasizing that it is because of guest workers that unpleasant situations with girls most often arise. But this is not a constant story and there is almost no such thing now.
  • don’t be overly tactile in public. Firstly, in Muslim countries, this is not welcome, and secondly, it can spur some men. And you definitely don’t need it, right?

There are those who still wonder why unmarried people are not allowed into the emirates, but this is not entirely the case. For example, if a girl is under 21 years old, then she will not be allowed in because she is considered a minor. Accordingly, she will be able to enter the UAE only with her parents or guardians.

There is no reason to worry that something will overshadow your stay in the Emirates if you are a woman. Follow all the rules and don’t forget to respect the traditions of the country you are in! Above, we mentioned the prospects of investing in real estate in the UAE. If you are interested in the profitability of buying a loft in the United Arab Emirates, then contact our agency The Capital Dubai. We will start selecting the best properties for you right now!

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