What excursions are worth visiting in the Emirates?

When arriving in a new country the first thing a person thinks: “How do I get to know this place better?” And immediately comes to mind excursions.

Of course you can always see the main sights and objects on their own, but this format misses a lot of details, you don’t cover all the locations. Once in a country like the UAE, it’s even more important to know what excursions you should visit in the Emirates, so that acquaintance with this state was unforgettable and left a trail of delight and euphoria.

Sightseeing tours

This is an ideal option for those who want to explore the city in one day. You will see the main sights, architecture, evaluate the profitability of buying a house in the UAE, and get a general idea of the country. Just one day, and you will cover all the unique sites of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, take vivid pictures, taste the local cuisine and be able to ask the guides about everything you are interested in.

If you look at what excursions there are in the Emirates, most of them offer a complete package – a car with a guide will come for you, you will be taken to outstanding places, in the middle of the tour you can eat, and then you will also be taken back. The cost depends on the number of hours and the extent of the program (a few locations or many).

Excursions for active people

The UAE striking contrast – skyscrapers and hotels that are breathtaking and are recognized architectural masterpieces, and next to the desert, camels and the mysterious Bedouin. How not to want to buy a duplex in the UAE, right? It is this part we advise you to explore as thoroughly as possible, choosing from the list below, what excursions to visit in the Emirates and move away from the standard tourist patterns:

  • Jeep safari or mountain safari. You will get a portion of extreme and vivid emotions, and then watch the show program and taste the Bedouin dinner.
  • Hot air balloon flight over the desert. The trip includes breakfast, and transfers. Don’t look at what excursions in the Emirates are considered the most popular. Choose the most unusual ones, like this one, and that way you will have a better chance of remembering the trip.
  • Crab hunting. Evening excursions are underrated for nothing, although they have their own atmosphere. You can hunt crabs, visit Umm Al Qaiwain and then cook your catch.
  • Dinner in the sky. Just imagine: you dine on a special crane at a height of 50 meters and you have a gorgeous view of
  • Dubai in front of you.

When you come to the UAE and choose what excursions to visit in the Arab Emirates, don’t listen to the advice of guides and tour operators. Listen to your inner voice and choose those that you think will help you learn as much as possible about this country.

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