What is prohibited to export from the Emirates

Russian tourists are very fond of taking souvenirs from their trip. Sometimes they are so sophisticated that it seems that literally everything can leave an imprint on the heart for travelers from this state.

Despite the fact that the toilet, towel, washing machine may be in the room, this does not always mean that you need to take them with you. Ignorance of the laws of the state can lead to a lot of fines and punishments. Therefore, when trying to buy a villa in the United Arab Emirates, go to the country on vacation or go on adventures in this country, one should not neglect ethics, moral standards, culture, adequate behavior, so that later there would be no precedents that cause either a smile or tears.

Specific categories of goods/items

The Emirates is a very specific country, and its laws differ significantly from the standards of the EU and the states. Each item banned for export received this kind of status for a reason.

  • Trying to find an answer to the question of whether it is possible to export shells from the United Arab Emirates, it is worth understanding that this option is available, but you should not overdo it by collecting suitcases full of seafood or shells, in which fish, crayfish, crabs still live. So that later you don’t have to cry, proving in court that the desire to take everything clean is what is genetically inherent in the residents of the Russian Federation.
  • Drugs. Religion and law do not allow both the import and export of illicit drugs. Including the Dubai real estate agency warns that experts may refuse to cooperate and provide housing to dubious individuals who take drugs. Airport officials check suitcases with highly sensitive devices and are able to find even the tiniest dose.
  • An amount exceeding AED 100,000 in cash must be supported by an appropriate document authorizing the export.
  • A large number of gold items.
  • Firearms (only collectors are allowed to take souvenir sets with them).
  • Gambling, chips and accessories.

What else might be of interest to customs officials?

There are additional categories of goods that are controversial and questionable. For example, pornography or goods for a sex shop, radioactive substances, technology (certain types, does not apply to ordinary mobile phones and cameras), fur products (as well as sheepskin coats, leather jackets), some food products, cultural and historical values, wild animals. If during the export of a lemur from Kherson to the territory of Crimea one could refer to the desire to “help the animal survive”, then the abduction of a living creature from the UAE entails fines and criminal liability.

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