When is the sea warm in the emirates?

The dry subtropical climate of the emirates and sunny weather is the perfect combination that makes it possible that the UAE is almost always warm, which makes it even more tempting to buy a townhouse in Dubai and move here. Agree!

True, the temperature of the water in the sea changes in different seasons, but this does not change anything – if you are looking for where the warmest sea is in the emirates, then you can relax. With this there will be no problems.

When is the best time to swim?

You can always swim in the Emirates. It all depends on your preferences. In summer, the water temperature rises to 32℃, which may not appeal to fans of “refreshing” in the sea. And in winter, the temperature drops to 18-20℃ and for some it will not be very comfortable. Especially if you were planning to swim with children. In fact, the period when the warm sea in the emirates becomes cool falls in December, January and February.

What about summer?

As you understand, only Stoics survive in the UAE in the summer. The heat is crazy, and the sea is too warm.
Therefore, count on the fact that you will be saved by hotels with their pools, terraces and cold cocktails, as well as shopping centers, which are fully air-conditioned. While you’re shopping, you can cool off and refresh yourself.

In summer, you are unlikely to worry about the heat, as you will be busy visiting the main attractions:

  • skyscraper Burj Khalifa;
  • giant aquarium in Dubai Mall;
  • musical fountain in Dubai;
  • Jumeirah Mosque;
  • Wild Wadi water park.

Hot or cold weather doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you will definitely enjoy a luxurious holiday, see the best real estate in the UAE, and want to come back here more than once!

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