When is the weekend in the emirates

Residents of European and Asian countries are accustomed to rest on Saturday and Sunday. It was then that supermarkets, pet stores and various retail outlets do not work.

All offices, enterprises are closed, only shopping malls, restaurants, and some private clinics continue to work. Many tourists are surprised to find out for themselves when the weekend is in the emirates, as for many the information will seem unusual.

Weekend features in the UAE

According to the traditions and rules of Muslims, Friday is a sacred day that must be devoted to prayers and union with God. Innovations in the law were recorded on January 3 of this year. According to the current law, full days off for residents of the country are Saturday and Sunday. Locals also have a rest on Friday afternoon. All shops, markets, real estate agencies in the UAE, kindergartens, schools and other institutions are not available for visiting at this time. Private companies start, first of all, from their individual preferences and requests in order to provide services regardless of when the weekend is in the emirates, and when it is working.

Religion and holidays

In order to receive a medical service, come to a car wash or buy an apartment in the UAE, you need to correctly calculate your time and manage to do it from Monday to Thursday or in the first half of Friday. According to the Muslim calendar system, believers must spend the entire Friday in prayer. At that time, the authorities assumed that this calendar system greatly harmed trading processes and had a significant impact on the quality of the service provided. Therefore, local residents and politicians are trying to reach a consensus in the context of this issue and determine which weekend days in the Emirates will be optimal. To leave their workplace, it is important for a person to have time to do their tasks before Friday lunch.

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