When Russia will open borders with the Emirates

The sunny UAE is ready to receive tourists from different countries at any time of the year, providing them with good accommodation, entertainment, and opportunities for outdoor activities.

Despite the fact that residents of the Russian Federation are not welcome anywhere, the emirates remain the last refuge and reluctantly open their borders to the tourists of this country in a friendly manner. In order to save their savings and not lose the money stolen by honest labor, Russians buy an apartment in the United Arab Emirates and invest in real estate.

New conditions for visitors

For a long time, travelers have been waiting for Russia to open its borders with the Emirates and it will be possible to visit the country. At this stage, all quarantine restrictions have been lifted. You can come to the country without masks, personal protective equipment, vaccinations and PCR tests. It is no longer necessary to wear masks in museums, cinemas, shopping malls, on excursions, it is necessary to have personal protective equipment only in medical institutions.

Regardless of whether this is the final point of the traveler or he plans to travel further, you can enter the UAE without additional difficulties. Residents of the Russian Federation do not need to obtain a visa if the transit lasts less than a day and they do not leave the transit zone.

What documents are needed for travel?

Since there is no need to obtain a visa, all a resident of Russia needs is to stay in the country for up to ninety days, having medical insurance, a foreign passport (which will be valid for at least six months), a certificate confirming the presence of vaccination or a PCR test is no longer needed. Since it is difficult for Russian tourists today to travel to other countries, since travel for them is limited to neighboring states, they can send their documents to the best luxury real estate agency in the UAE online.

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