Where to go in the United Arab Emirates?

UAE — it is a country with an ancient culture and a unique history. Having preserved the authenticity of the past, when there was only the desert and the Bedouins around, now the UAE is adding to this a trail of modernity, technology, luxury, stylish architecture and a high standard of living.

You don’t even have to think for a long time about where to go to the emirates, because wherever you go, you will get a clear sea, luxury hotels and service and developed infrastructure.

Sun, sand and relaxation

Fly to a house in the UAE and not see Dubai — this is a big mistake, so do not make it and boldly go to discover this emirate. Here are the main tourist attractions:

  • Burj Dubai Hotel. Yes, the same hotel resembling a sail;
  • Burj Khalifa — tallest skyscraper in the world;
  • islands made in the form of palm trees;
  • musical fountain;
  • Atlantis The Palm.

A beach holiday will not disappoint you either. Dubai has white-sand beaches, hotels offering high-class service, the opportunity to try water sports, parks and the best shopping centers. Perhaps you choose which emirates to go to based on the financial component. Then keep in mind that Dubai is considered the most expensive and you will spend a considerable amount of money, but it’s worth it!

Other side of the UAE

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are always on the buzz, but these are not the only emirates where you can go to relax. For example, have you heard of Ajman? This emirate is unlikely to appear among the first on a Google query like: “United Arab Emirates: where to go?”, although it also deserves your attention. This is a small emirate where you can save on vacation and at the same time get everything that people go to the UAE for — clean beaches, white sand, easy access to the water, comfortable hotels. There are no skyscrapers and architectural wonders here, but you can’t judge which resort in the emirates is better only by the presence of luxurious buildings and skyscrapers, right?

You should definitely visit the UAE to get acquainted with the interweaving of Eastern and European cultures, which do not interfere with each other and create a unique place that attracts thousands of tourists. When choosing the emirates, where you should go not only for the sake of relaxation, but also for the sake of buying real estate on which you can earn money, for example, by selling townhouses in Dubai / UAE, think that you can not only tick off another country, but get into a world that will soon surprise everyone with new technological marvels.

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