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W1nner Tower by Object 1 - New Project Launch  at JVT

W1nner Tower by Object 1 - New Project Launch at JVT

Discover the New Project from Developer Object 1 - W1nner Tower

Dubai continues to strengthen its reputation as a global center of luxury and abundance in the real estate sector. Among the multitude of projects that stand out for their uniqueness and attractiveness to investors, a special place is occupied by W1nner Tower from the renowned Dubai developer Object 1. This project is a true symbol of innovation, located in the heart of the Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) district, and represents an architectural marvel of 26 floors that completely transforms the urban landscape.

Developer Object 1: A Guarantee of Quality and Innovation

W1nner Tower Object 1

Object 1 is known for its innovative projects in Dubai, such as Ra1n, 1Wood, V1ter, and Ozone1. These projects underscore the developer's commitment to creating unique residential complexes that offer not only comfort and luxury but also promote an active lifestyle and health care.

Investing in Dubai Real Estate: Why W1nner Tower?

Investing in W1nner Tower offers investors a range of advantages. A starting price of 1,000,000 AED and a flexible payment plan for 2 years after handover make this project accessible and attractive. Moreover, the expected rental yield of one- and two-bedroom apartments - 7.5%, which is competitive in the Dubai real estate market

W1nner Tower JVT Dubai

W1nner Tower is not just a residential complex; it's a bid to create a new standard of living in Dubai, combining luxury, comfort, and environmental care. Investing in a project from Object 1 is an investment in the future that promises not just profit but also a high standard of living.

For those considering purchasing property in W1nner Tower or other projects from Object 1, seeking professional advice from the agency The Capital Dubai Real Estate is a logical step. The agency's experts will provide all necessary information about the projects, help choose the optimal option, and offer the best deal conditions.

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