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About Downtown Dubai

Located strategically in the city center and developed by Emaar Properties, Downtown Dubai is a vibrant and dynamic community. Although occupying just 2 sq km, it contains all the most popular landmarks and sightseeing attractions in Dubai. Among them are the world record-breakers such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Dancing Fountains, and Dubai Opera. 

Downtown Dubai is the most popular choice to buy or rent property. It’s a part of the free economic zone.

Downtown Dubai was rightfully called by its developers The Center of Now. It is an unofficial center of the city located near DIFC and Business Bay. Dubai International Airport can be reached in just 18 minutes. 

Downtown Dubai properties are in constant demand. That is due to the district’s geographical position, luxurious lifestyle, ultra-modern futuristic architecture, and never ending inflow of tourists from all around the world. 

Dubai Downtown Sightseeing Spots

Tourists who come to Dubai never leave unless they visit its main sightseeing spots which are:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Dubai Opera

Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, is Dubai’s business card. It currently holds a number of official records. Burj Khalifa is the world’s highest building that has ever been built. It is also the highest man-made object that has the longest running elevator inside. Burj Khalifa has 140 floors. 

Burj Khalifa has a total height of 829,8 m (2, 722 ft) or about half a mile. It was completed in 2009. Needless to say that the view is absolutely breathtaking. It is the most iconic building among Downtown Dubai real estate and a symbol of not just Dubai but the whole United Arab Emirates.  

Dubai Mall

Another record-breaker is Dubai Mall opened in 2008. It is the biggest shopping mall and entertainment complex in the world by total area which is 5,9 million sq. ft. Some even call it a city within a city. The Dubai Mall attracts more than 80 000 000 visitors annually. It hosts about 1300 retail stores and 200 food outlets. If you can’t find something in the Dubai Mall, it probably doesn’t exist.

Besides shops and cafes Dubai Mall has an aquarium, an olympic-size ice rink, and an underwater zoo. The newest addition, VR Park, mixing augmented reality and virtual reality, was opened in 2018. Visitors can also have a look at the skeleton of a real dinosaur.

Dubai Fountain

The third record-breaker is Dubai Dancing Fountains which is the biggest choreographed system of singing fountains in the world. It was developed by WET Design, the same company that designed famous fountains at Bellagio Hotel Lakes in Las Vegas. 

The fountain is located on the artificial Burj Khalifa Lake, occupying 12 hectares (30 acres). The illumination consists of 6600 lights and 50 projectors, shooting water 150 m high and playing contemporary, classic, and arabian music. The Light show occurs twice a day in the afternoon and in the evening.

Dubai Opera

Among other Downtown Dubai properties that are cultural landmarks is Dubai Opera. Opened in 2016, this ultra-modern multi-purpose arts center has 2000 seats. Shaped like a boat, it annually gathers guests from all around the world for exclusive shows, concerts, and theater events.   

Other notable remarks that make Downtown Dubai stand out include:

  • Perfect transportation solutions (metro, tram, taxi, bus, bicycles for rent)
  • Various clinics and hospitals from a number of healthcare providers
  • Restaurants, supermarkets, schools, hotels, pools, gyms
  • Burj park and other green zones for pedestrians

Downtown Dubai Real Estate

Downtown Dubai is truly outstanding when it comes to property. Investors can get 4% to 6% ROI if they buy apartments. But renting it to tourists on a short term basis can get you up to 10%. The most popular property types are studio and 1-bedroom apartments as it is preferred by young expat students. Renting a studio will cost you about AED 50 000 a year. 

It’s fair to say that Downtown Dubai is far from being budget friendly. It is a luxurious district where every building has modern interior and exterior design. Buying a 1-bedroom apartment in, for example, Burj Khalifa will cost you AED 1 750 000 or about half a million dollars.

You can rent a 1-bedroom apartment in Burj Khalifa for AED 110 000 per year but, overall, the starting price is AED 77 000. Buying a studio will cost you about AED 1 000 000. Average 1-bed apartment is about 800 sq. ft.  

Even though most of Downtown Dubai is a neighborhood with a vertical community, there are villas for rent and sale. However, when people think of Downtown Dubai real estate it’s apartments that first come to mind. 

The most notable residential communities include:

  • Elegance Tower
  • W Residences Dubai Downtown
  • SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences
  • Volta Residences
  • Rixos Residences
  • The Lofts
  • The Residences Burj Khalifa
  • Mercedes Benz Places
  • Society House
  • 25H Heimat
  • The Residences
  • Baccarat Hotel & Residences
  • Burj Crown
  • BLVD Crescent
  • BLVD Heights
  • BLVD Central
  • Elite Downtown Residence
  • Address Residences Dubai Opera 
  • Downtown Views

Downtown Dubai has a perfect location in the center of the city. It is very profitable when it comes to short-term rental housing. Its real estate is economically attractive because Downtown Dubai is a main tourist destination that has all the important landmarks.

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