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About Uptown Dubai

Imagine a place where every corner radiates luxury, innovation, and comfort. A place where modern architecture merges with endless possibilities for living, working, and entertainment. This is Uptown Dubai—a district changing the paradigm of premium living and business in the heart of Dubai. Formerly known as Burj 2020, Uptown Dubai marks a new chapter in the history of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), spanning over 10 million square feet of prime commercial and residential spaces.

Architectural Splendor at the Foundation

The Uptown Dubai project is designed by the architectural firm Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo, renowned for creating luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. It comprises four buildings, each with a unique architectural concept:

  • Burj 2020 (planned)
  • Mercer House (under construction)
  • Uptown Dubai Phase 2 (planned)
  • Uptown Tower (completed)

The SO/ Uptown Dubai Hotel & Residences already stands out with its unique design, heralding a future where each building will add its flair to the district's architectural landscape.

Life in Uptown Dubai

Uptown Dubai offers not only luxurious living but also high-class commercial spaces. Life here is vibrant:

  • In July 2018, the world's largest jigsaw puzzle was unveiled here, highlighting the area's creative potential.
  • JLT Park, located just 1.7 km away, invites you to enjoy the fresh air.
  • Numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, and world-class schools are promised.

Transport Accessibility

Uptown Dubai is conveniently located in relation to key city points and its surroundings, including airports and famous tourist attractions.

Diversity of Real Estate

Real estate in Uptown Dubai ranges from one to three-bedroom apartments with modern design and top amenities. Several towers are planned, including two super-tall ones designed by architects from Chicago, Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill.

Why Uptown Dubai?

  • Location: Proximity to iconic city districts.
  • Architecture: Unique projects from world-renowned architects.
  • Amenities: A wide range of entertainment and services on-site.
  • Infrastructure: Thoughtfully designed for the comfort of residents and businesses.
  • Development prospects: Promise of future growth and prosperity.

Investment Potential of Uptown Dubai

The variety of real estate and the uniqueness of the project make Uptown Dubai attractive to investors. Now is the ideal time for investments, given the district's growth prospects and Dubai's position as a leading global center for life and business.

Your Step Towards Investing in Dubai

If you're looking for real estate in Dubai, whether for living, investment, or business, Uptown Dubai offers unprecedented opportunities. With its unique combination of luxury, innovation, and comfort, this district is on the threshold of a new era of urban development.

For those ready to invest in Dubai real estate, Uptown Dubai is not just a good choice but an investment in the quality of life and business for years to come. Remember, T.H.E. Capital Dubai Real Estate is always at your service to help you make the best choice in the world of Dubai real estate.

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