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What happens if you give birth in the Emirates

What happens if you give birth in the Emirates

When it comes to choosing a country for childbirth, expectant mothers usually choose countries with high quality medical care, excellent doctor experience and justified costs.

Therefore, in search of an answer to the question of what will happen if you give birth in the Emirates, young girls find a lot of advantages. Although the UAE meets all these criteria, there are some nuances that are important to pay attention to. When planning to give birth in Dubai (as an unmarried woman), and apply to real estate agencies in the UAE to buy / rent an apartment, the fair sex should read the rules.

It's not just about the ban on unmarried pregnancy in the UAE

Conservative Muslim views on marriage and motherhood forbid sexual intercourse outside of marriage, let alone getting pregnant while unmarried. In order for a child to receive a document confirming birth in an Emirates birth center, a marriage certificate confirming marital status must be provided. Therefore, what will happen if an unmarried woman gives birth to a child in the United Arab Emirates - there is no obvious answer. But only one thing is clear, the risks are inevitable.

Obtain UAE citizenship by birth

Having the proud title of a citizen of the UAE is an advantage for a resident of the country. For example, government benefits and tax breaks. However, if a woman is already calculating the profitability of buying a villa in Dubai in her head, and she is interested in how to obtain UAE citizenship for a child, you should understand that you cannot count on obtaining citizenship by birth. The only way to acquire it is to live in the UAE for 7-10 years married without children. Therefore, it is worth thinking twice about how to get a UAE passport, since giving birth in the country is unlikely to help the fair sex in this.

UAE = big paperwork. After the birth of a child, he receives a birth certificate in Arabic. This means that the new mother will have to translate it into her native language. In addition, if the family intends to live in Dubai or any other emirate, you need to obtain legal resident status, this also means extra fuss. The level of bureaucracy in the state is at its highest and peak levels, and this applies not only to obtaining Emirati citizenship.

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