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What is not allowed in the Emirates

What is not allowed in the Emirates

Traveling in the Arab states, it is important for tourists from the Russian Federation to know what cannot be done in the United Arab Emirates and what rules should be followed.

For example, there can be difficulties even with a simple “hello”. If a tourist wants to say hello to a waiter, thank a colleague, make a deal at a real estate agency in the United Arab Emirates, one cannot use the left hand to eat, greet someone, open doors and pass something, especially food. Why is this and what is it connected with? The reason is that in countries such as Dubai, India and others, the left hand was used instead of toilet paper before it was introduced. Despite the emergence of innovations, changing culture and traditions, such a memory from the past still remains, no matter how clean the left hand is. Therefore, if a person is left-handed, he should try to use his right hand as much as possible in public, so as not to discourage other people, avoid insults and a rude look from the locals.

Humility and meticulousness

The list of what not to do in the United Arab Emirates also includes excessive shocking, attracting attention. In the country, it is forbidden to hold hands, hug and kiss in public. Because it is considered socially unacceptable, and if a person is caught in such acts, he can go to jail. Many Russian tourists have already suffered the consequences and have been sent back to the country of drunken bears with balalaikas. Loud music and dancing in public should be avoided.

Modesty can also be seen in clothing. In the country, women are required to dress modestly in public places, including shopping malls, markets, beaches, theaters, mosques, and so on. You can not wear short, tight, defiant clothing. In addition, wearing loose, modest clothing can help keep you comfortable in hot, dry climates. When packing your suitcase for travel, you should bring modest clothing that covers your arms, legs and chest so as not to attract unwanted attention, and not get a fine for wearing obscene clothes in public places, to feel comfortable while traveling around the city.

Caution with photo and video equipment

Sometimes, in order to buy a villa in the United Arab Emirates, a tourist takes pictures of the apartments that are the most attractive. Or he wants to take a picture of praying locals. This can be risky. One of the many important things not to do in Dubai is taking pictures without permission. Dubai is a place of scenic beauty and it can be tempting to take pictures while walking around the city. However, you should be extremely careful when pressing the photo button in Dubai, because modesty and safety are very important for people, it is not allowed to take pictures of people without consent, especially if they are women and children. It remains only to save the images in your memory, or focus on fixing landscapes on film.

You can’t swear in public, it’s important to be very careful with your “language” while in the country, especially when communicating with a local resident. Control the use of vulgar language and keep all slang, profanity and profanity to yourself. You should refrain from any comments that may be considered offensive to Islam or Muslims. This is considered a punishable offense.

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