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What do women in the emirates wear?

What do women in the emirates wear?

If you have ever been in a country with Muslim customs, you probably noticed that women walk in a black long "dress" and cover their faces.

Indeed, the way women in the emirates dress is influenced by the religion and traditions of the Muslim world. Some people think that this is all outdated, but for many Muslims, following these rules is one of the main goals of life. Has anything changed now? Is there more freedom? Let's figure it out!

Clothing for women in the UAE

Tourists who come here immediately notice the best houses in the United Arab Emirates and what women in the emirates wear, and wonder how they survive in the summer and when they have time to wear ordinary clothes. Those of them who adhere to traditions can only bare their face, hands or feet. But as you understand, some families insist that girls even cover their faces. Moreover, this is taught from childhood, and for non-compliance with these traditions they are punished.

If you look at what women in the United Arab Emirates wear, then their wardrobe at first glance consists of:

  • black colors;
  • abai - black "cape";
  • shawls;
  • burqa (niqab).

Interestingly, before such clothes were worn only by aristocrats who wanted to protect their faces and bodies from the scorching sun and reduce attention from the people around them. But times are still changing, so now girls in the United Arab Emirates wear not only traditional clothes, but also just jeans and a jacket. Especially at universities, where European culture adds a more democratic trail.

Are black capes different for women?

Yes. You can walk through the streets of the country and see not only townhouses in the UAE, but also several different variations of traditional women's clothing at once. And sometimes you may not notice the differences, although they are. For example, a burqa is very similar to a veil. It covers the entire body of a woman, from head to toe. Thus, only the eyes of the woman under the net are visible. There is also a veil. It also covers the whole body, but the face remains open or is covered with a piece of cloth.

Watching what women wear in the United Arab Emirates, one might get the impression that strict rules still reign in this country, and no one listens to women. Perhaps in some families this is allowed, but in general the situation has changed a long time ago and now they have the right to occupy high positions in government structures, adjust their style and refuse to marry.

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