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What to visit in the United Arab Emirates?

What to visit in the United Arab Emirates?

Some people go to New York, some go to Las Vegas, and some go to the UAE. The Emirates is compared to many major metropolitan cities, because here you can find a combo of all kinds of architectural solutions.

If you forget about the fact that this is a desert, it may seem that you are in several countries. And if you add to this the sun, sea, sand, shopping, luxury hotels and exclusive restaurants we can consider that the UAE has collected all the best that is in this world. But among the best, you must somehow choose what to see in the Arab Emirates, so that you will have a vivid and unforgettable impression of the trip.

Must-see places

Beach holiday or active holiday? Visiting one emirate or several? Cover all the sights or just the main ones? Answer these questions before you start choosing the places you want to discover in the UAE. So, what do you need to see in the Emirates to get the most complete picture of the country?

  • Burj Khalifa Tower. A skyscraper that is recognized as the tallest in the world. This is practically a city within a city, and the view, which can be observed from the top floors, literally takes your breath away. By the way, the profitability of buying a duplex in the Arab Emirates increases if its windows will open the view of the tower.
  • Hatta. This mountain village will immerse you in the old days and you will forget that you are in a modern city. Once there you will forget all there is to see in the Arab Emirates except this village because there you can explore the arts and crafts and enjoy the adventure of the Hatta Dam where you can kayak around the lake which is surrounded by the Hajar Mountains.
  • Jumeirah Mosque. Dubai is famous for its many mosques, among which the Jumeirah Mosque stands out. It is the largest in the country and is considered a fine example of Arab religious architecture and is something that must be visited in the emirates to feel the spirit of the country.
  • Blue Market in Sharjah. A unique place with its own atmosphere. Textiles, toys, clothes, can get lost in the rows of shops and not even notice it. There are also specialty stores where you can buy Persian carpets from Afghanistan and Kashmir, as well as traditional handmade Bedouin jewelry. Of all the things to see in the Arab Emirates, this place is definitely in the must-visit category.

Is it worth going to the UAE?

Definitely worth it. There are things in the Emirates that you won't find elsewhere. Where else could they create the artificial island of Palma Jumeirah, which is called the eighth wonder of the world? Just think about it. It was designed so that you can see the palm tree pattern from high up.

The island has many luxury hotels and residential complexes, and many dream of buying a loft in the Arab Emirates to enjoy this scenic view. Separate praise deserves the Dubai metro, which is also on the list of things to visit in the Emirates at least once. They made the world's longest automated rail system there. It seems as if you have entered the future, where technology and robots rule everything.

And a trip to the UAE can easily be combined with other trips to the Indian Ocean islands. It allows you a change of scenery. Imagine starting your trip with a cultural trip to Abu Dhabi and ending your adventure with a lazy vacation in the Seychelles or Maldives. Don't ask Google what's interesting in the emirates, but rather go there and explore everything with your own eyes. The UAE break all the patterns and show that the stereotypes about the closed Muslim country are no longer relevant.

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