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What to bring to children from the UAE?

What to bring to children from the UAE?

Shopping in the emirates attracts tourists from all over the world. Giant shopping centers where all world brands are represented; incense and jewelry markets, luxury boutiques - how can an avid shopaholic resist?

Everyone’s eyes widen at once and the brain immediately begins to offer options for what to bring from the Emirates: cosmetics, perfumes, food, souvenirs or clothes? Therefore, if you are going to this country, then prepare for the fact that you will need bigger suitcases and that you will have a desire to buy a house in the UAE, because you will not want to leave here!

Gift for children

Sometimes you want to come home and please the children with a gift. Especially after a trip on which you could not take them for some reason. Accordingly, being in the country, you are puzzled over what to bring to children from the Emirates and where exactly to find the very gift.

We suggest you pay attention to the following options:

  • oriental sweets (sherbet, baklava Turkish delight);
  • soft toy camel. This animal is considered one of the symbols of the UAE, so in this way you will introduce the child to the traditions of the country;
  • сolorful sand bottles. This is the real spirit of the emirates. In addition, children will enjoy watching the sand
  • that spills from one side to the other.

You can also visit Dubai Mall and buy designer toys from famous brands.

Gift for a woman

Vacationing in the UAE and not bringing your friends or even yourself some memorable gifts is illegal, you see. And if you are a man who wants to please a lady of the heart and bring something from the trip, because you can’t afford to think about how to buy a townhouse in the UAE, then you should take a closer look at such possible gifts:

  • fur. In Dubai, for example, you can find mink, sable coats of various production;
  • decorations. Here you can buy them at a lower price;
  • perfumes. Arabic perfumes are distinguished by rather persistent aromas and are most often created using an oil extract of various plants;
  • clothing in oriental style with exclusive patterns;
  • cosmetics of world famous brands. This is the perfect gift for women who love to do makeup, because cosmetics in the United Arab Emirates are famous for their natural ingredients.

Even the most experienced tourists will get lost in the world of shopping in the UAE, so rest assured that once you get to one of the malls in Dubai, you will stay there until the evening.

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