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What to bring from the Arab Emirates?

What to bring from the Arab Emirates?

If you don't bring a souvenir, you haven't been to the country. It's a familiar principle that applies to almost everyone.

Taking a souvenir means taking a piece of the place you've been to and recording the trip in your memory, putting an figurine on a shelf or hanging a valuable magnet on the refrigerator wall. And sometimes you want to share these emotions with your friends, giving them something symbolic and conveying the spirit of the country you went to.

If you are going to the UAE, looking for the best lofts in the Arab Emiratesб and want to plan in advance what to bring from the Emirates, this article is for you. We will introduce you to the most important attributes of this country and suggest ideas for unconventional souvenirs and gifts.

Main gifts from the UAE

The purpose of any souvenir is to convey the atmosphere and traditions of the country you are visiting. So once you're in the UAE, don't rush off to the mall and see what the crowds of tourists are buying in the Arab Emirates. The real treasures are waiting for you in the local markets!

So what can you buy there?

  • Things that will tell you instead of you where you vacationed. These are the visiting cards of the Emirates: incense, smoking pipes, jars of sand from the desert, tobacco, vessels in the style of Aladdin's lamp, paintings of sand. At the same time if you look at what tourists buy in Emirates most often, you can distinguish yourself and do without the standard magnets and postcards.
  • For coffee lovers the perfect gift would be a pot of coffee, coffee pots. You can bring a rare variety of coffee and please your friends. And before that, you can taste everything yourself - take an unusual coffee and enjoy it while watching the picturesque views from your own duplex in the UAE.
  • For those who appreciate all sorts of decorative elements, you can buy outlandish lamps, decorative pillows in the oriental style or even carpets. Thinking about what is profitable to bring from the Emirates, rely on the fact that it was useful, but at the same time authentic and conveys the spirit of this state.
  • Perfumes. In the UAE you can find exotic fragrances that will complement the collection of the most ardent fans of all kinds of perfumes.
  • For those with a sweet tooth you can find a variety of sweets that are popular in the Emirates - candies in the form of camels, dates, etc.

Essential oils are another "thing" of the UAE. Think about what kind of oil to bring from the emirates, based on the needs of your friends and family. For example, grape seed oil smooths the skin and makes it glow. The owners of the oil shops will tell you about the benefits of all the oils.

The UAE is such a contrasting country that you are bound to find souvenirs for all tastes and colors. If you take the time and look in the small stores and markets, you will find unique items that can surprise your social circle. If you're not sure what to buy in the Emirates, read up on the country's traditions and culture. It will help you make the right choice!

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