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What to take to the Emirates

What to take to the Emirates

Dubai is a beautiful city, promising and progressive, modern and lively. This is a wonderful place to visit with your family or on your own, to buy a villa in the United Arab Emirates or relax by the sea.

And having a checklist with things at hand, the tourist will be able not to go beyond any boundaries of etiquette and at the same time relax to the fullest. What to wear, what to take with you to the Emirates, what items not to take with you, how to plan the least stressful and most enjoyable trip?

Take out the suitcase and pack the essentials

1. Banana bag. It is extremely important to take it when visiting crowded bazaars and busy tourist areas. A banana bag should be big enough to fit your phone, wallet and passport. This handy “purse” can be worn under your clothes to keep all your valuables organized, safe and secure.

2. Powerbank. Every tourist will need a universal power adapter for a complete trip to Dubai. This is a great option because it works almost everywhere in the world, so it will come in handy if Dubai is not the only destination or finds its way into future international adventures. You can connect multiple items at the same time with the convenient USB port and feel secure while staying in touch with your loved ones. This is one of the very first items on the list of what you need to take with you to the Emirates for a trip.

3. Travel mini fan. A must-have for any trip to Dubai is a portable travel fan. The weather in Dubai will be hot all year round and having a handy portable fan is a lifesaver. “Portable cooling” will always be there, walking in the hot desert sun or driving in cars without air conditioning.

4. Quick dry travel towel. Experienced backpackers don't travel without microfiber, quick-drying towels. This towel, light and compact, can be placed in a purse or backpack when a person is on the go. You can use it as a beach towel, or as a bath towel if the options offered by the hotel do not satisfy the tourist.

5. Long skirts for women. You should not visit the UAE without packing at least one long skirt or maxi dress. When visiting a temple, a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, a real estate agency in Dubai or a mall, you should always look your best. Loose and well-ventilated, a long skirt will help keep you cool in hot weather, while also allowing you to respect cultural norms. This item will be of particular importance when entering mosques or holy places.

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