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Where to buy an iPad in the United Arab Emirates?

Where to buy an iPad in the United Arab Emirates?

Buying equipment in the UAE is an opportunity to save money and enjoy profitable shopping. Some purposefully go to Dubai to buy a new iPhone or immediately upon arrival find out where to buy an ipad in the emirates and instantly go to Apple branded stores.

It's simple - the sale of electronics in the UAE is not taxed, which means that by default it becomes more profitable to buy.

Buying gadgets

Nasser Square is one of the places where Apple enthusiasts like to come. There are many stores with a large assortment of different gadgets, including the iPad. True, if you ask there how much an iPad costs in the Emirates, then the answers will be different - sellers want to increase the price or, on the contrary, reduce it. Therefore, you have every chance to get yourself a gadget by bargaining with them.

The disadvantage of Nasser Square is that there are fakes there or they sell equipment that has already been in use. This means that when figuring out how much an iPad costs in the United Arab Emirates, you also need to ask for documents such as a warranty card, certificate, etc.

What's on discounts?

When you buy equipment, it is pleasant in itself, and buying it at a discount is doubly pleasant. Therefore, it is better to come to the UAE during the sales season, for example, from January 24 to February 24, in order to at the same time evaluate the profitability of buying a townhouse in Dubai and arrange a shopping weekend. At this time, discounts on Apple equipment can even reach 80% and you will be very surprised at how much an iPad costs in the Emirates during this time period.

This sales season is called the Dubai Shopping Festival. You can find discounts in these malls:

  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • City Center Mirdif
  • Deira City Center
  • Mercato Shopping Mall
  • Mall of Emirates
  • Dubai Mall

Coming to the Emirates to buy a house in the UAE and stock up on Apple appliances is not a crazy idea at all. If the opportunity to save money is at stake, plus to relax in such a colorful place, then why not take advantage of it?

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