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Where to buy a fur coat in Dubai?

Where to buy a fur coat in Dubai?

People come to the UAE not only for a luxurious beach holiday or to buy a townhouse in the United Arab Emirates, but also to buy a fur coat.

This seems strange, because people think not only about how to spend their holidays, but also how to buy a mink coat in the Emirates and bring it home. But there is nothing strange. The UAE has a huge range of fur coats, seasonal discounts and lower prices. This is what they come here for.

The cost of fur coats in the UAE

The quality of materials and the product itself, of course, form the cost. If you focus on how much fur coats cost in the United Arab Emirates, then the following trend emerges:

  • a mink coat can be bought for $1,000, but the average price is $1,500-10,000;
  • blackglam and blackknuff mink coats will cost about $4,000;
  • if the fur coat was brought from Italy, then the price will rise;
  • during the discount season (summer or January-February), you can save from 10 to 90% of the cost of a fur coat.

Where to buy a fur coat in the Emirates?

Shopaholics upon arrival in the UAE will look for where to buy a sheepskin coat and outerwear in the emirates. Everything is simple. It's all there in shopping centers, markets, small shops. But most often foreigners look into the Nasser Square quarter. This is a paradise for those who love fur coats. On the territory of the quarter there are about 100 shops that sell exclusively fur products and it is there that you can ask the price and find out how much a mink coat costs in the Emirates so that you do not make a rash purchase in one of the shopping centers.

There are also shops offering high-quality replicas of world brands. But for those who do not understand fur coats, and at the same time want to buy an original thing, it is better to immediately go to branded stores. There is a certificate of quality and a guarantee from the brand. Another place where to buy fur coats in the emirates is very worth it is the Crystal Building. It is called the center for the sale of fur.

The main thing in this business is awareness and willingness to spend a day of rest on shopping, because if you want to save money and not give all the money in the world for a fur coat, then it’s better to go shopping and compare prices! But real estate is no less interesting than shopping, so if you are suddenly interested in the profitability of buying a house in Dubai, then contact The Capital Dubai agency and you will get real estate options for living and investing.

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