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Where to buy a phone in the emirates?

Where to buy a phone in the emirates?

Combining business with pleasure is what can be said about a trip to the UAE and shopping. Relax by the sea, see the sights and the best houses in the UAE, and at the same time make large-scale purchases, since prices for appliances and various gadgets are lower here…

Not a bad prospect, right? If you want to make yourself a gift and think about where to buy a phone in the emirates, then this information is just for you!

Is it cheaper to buy equipment in the UAE?

Many purposefully fly here to buy Apple products in official stores. It may seem strange that people don't buy iPhones where they live, but the point is that the UAE has flexible tax rules. And the prices are so good thanks to:

  • optimal logistics;
  • the influence of the exchange rate (it is stable and does not increase);
  • neutral tax rates.

The system of taxation and fiscal rules in all countries is different. Somewhere the tax system is softer, and somewhere - strict. Hence the different prices for Apple products. These are the main factors influencing how much a phone costs in the Emirates and why prices can vary significantly.

Where exactly to buy a phone in the UAE?

There are a large number of shopping centers in the emirates, so go there right away. There are stores of the most popular companies that create phones:

  • Samsung;
  • Nokia;
  • Sony;
  • Apple.

Don`t waste time looking for an answer to the question of whether it is possible to buy a phone in the emirates, but rather go straight to Dubai Mall. All roads lead there. And also in a luxurious duplex in Dubai, where you can relax after a day's work on your own terrace with palm trees and admire the picturesque views of the city.

In addition to branded stores, you can also visit retail stores. They always have the latest gadgets and a pretty good selection. Aptec Mobile presents products from Sony Ericsson and Nokia, while the Axiom store located in the Dubai Mall is generally recognized as one of the best in the Middle East. Not only tourists, but also local residents seek to buy equipment there. Knowing how much phones cost in the emirates, you can plan your trip taking into account possible shopping and finally buy what you have been wanting for a long time.

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