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Where to buy gold in the emirates?

Where to buy gold in the emirates?

Gold and the UAE are like synonyms. In this country they love to add it wherever possible - on cars, phones, even on items of clothing. Local residents are accustomed to luxury, they can afford the best townhouses in the United Arab Emirates, so there is nothing surprising in this.

They know where it is better to buy gold in the Emirates and how to distinguish between the original and the fake. And what about tourists?

Places where you can buy gold

Most often, they go to the Gold Market in search of gold. In the 300 shops that are located there, you can find gold jewelry made of pink, white and yellow gold, along with precious stones. They are quite massive, which is typical of the oriental style, so you can buy jewelry by weight. For example, if you are interested in how much 1 gram of gold costs in the United Arab Emirates, then now the prices are as follows:

  • per gram of 21 carat gold - $ 50;
  • per gram of 18 carat gold - $ 42;
  • per gram of 14 carat gold - $ 33.

Surely you are also thinking about whether it is possible to buy gold in the United Arab Emirates in the form of dishes, coins, ingots or souvenirs. All this can really be purchased on the Gold Market and even cheaper by 30-40% if you know how to bargain.

But the market is not the only place where you can buy gold. Pay attention to:

  • Dubai Mall;
  • Emaar Gold & Diamond Park;
  • the Global Village fair;
  • Mall of the Emirates.

What is worth knowing when buying gold in the UAE?

Before you become a gold prospector, check out not only where to buy gold in the emirates, but also the main points related to it and its sale in the UAE:

  • the price of jewelry depends primarily on weight;
  • the quality of gold can be measured in carats;
  • jewelry can last more than two years;
  • the UAE does not mine gold, but only processes it;
  • it is most profitable to buy gold on the market, especially if you know how much a gram of gold costs in the
  • emirates and are ready to arrange auctions.

And most importantly, don`t be afraid that the sellers will deceive you and sell a fake. The UAE government controls the market for gold products and checks their authenticity. Armed with information about where to buy gold in the emirates, you can become the owner of chic jewelry, and buy them at a low price, and after a while you may want to buy something more - for example, a house in the United Arab Emirates in one of the best areas!

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