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Where is the best place to rest and live in the United Arab Emirates?

Where is the best place to rest and live in the United Arab Emirates?

When it comes to vacationing in the UAE, what do you immediately think of? Let me guess - for sure Dubai. This emirate is mentioned most often in the context of vacations and tourism, although there are other emirates, no less interesting and must-see.

Each has its own flavor and its own advantages. We will try to tell you about them so you can decide for yourself where the best place to rest in the Arab Emirates and definitely come to this country.

Sharjah - what does the emirate have to offer?

Sharjah is located close to Dubai, so if you want a change of scenery and get a new experience, you will have that option! Sharjah is mainly chosen for its more relaxed atmosphere, which is sometimes lacking in Dubai. Tourists often think about buying a loft in the UAE and it`s in this place after living in bustling cities. Prices are also lower here, but it`s worth immediately mentioning one important point for tourists choosing which emirates better to go to rest — be sure to get acquainted with the rules of residence and stuff like that, as in Sharjah, there is a dry law. This is a peculiarity of the emirate. Here they don't sell alcohol in supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. It`s also forbidden to bring alcohol into the country.

If this doesn't bother you, Sharjah will delight you with:

  • historic sites, galleries, museums;
  • accessibility to basic infrastructure;
  • shopping malls, attractions;
  • beaches with clean sand and easy access to the water, which is also an important factor when choosing where to go in the Emirates to the sea, especially with children;
  • pleasant prices - in general, if you compare the prices of holidays in Dubai and here, here they are 30 percent lower.

Al Qasba pedestrian area is a favorite among tourists where you can take a boat ride while enjoying the chic skyscrapers and then go to the Ferris wheel or enjoy the dancing fountain.

Fujairah's Green and Turquoise Water

If Dubai will win you with its skyscrapers, tall towers and architectural marvels, then it is worth going to Fujairah for the perfect turquoise colored water and the rich underwater world. This trump card the emirate has thanks to the fact that the beach strip here comes out in the Gulf of Oman of the Indian Ocean. Many people choosing where to go in the emirates stop at Fujairah knowing that here you can dive on Shark Island and swim surrounded by coral and rare turtles. A beach holiday is probably what you should definitely go to Fujairah for. In addition, real estate by the sea or the bay is always more popular, so the profitability of buying a duplex in the UAE is well predictable. And for those who want to combine health care and relaxation, we recommend to go to the hot springs of Al Ain Gomur, which are located 20 km from Fujairah.

Another must-see is the Wadi Wurayah National Park. The rocky mountains, the river, greenery, animals and you seem to get into another world - the world of African savannah, and in fact the best place to relax in the emirates affects whether there is an opportunity to stroll among the green parks and gardens, given the hot climate of the UAE.

Fujairah is also known for its forts. Fujairah Fort, built in 1670, is the oldest fort in the UAE and was formerly the home of the ruling family. Visiting the fort and its surroundings you can see restored old houses, exhibits about traditional Arab life and a display of the old irrigation system used by Emirati farmers.

It is impossible to find an exact answer to the question of where to rest in the Emirates, because each place is unique in its own way and will be remembered by you with its peculiarities and zests. Somewhere there is the classic atmosphere of a bustling metropolis, somewhere a resort, somewhere more architectural sites and museums or the snow-white beaches and exclusive hotels. The UAE is so different and contrasting, and can offer so many different entertainment and leisure options, that it`s impossible to say which emirates are better and where you should go first.

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