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Where is it warmer in the Emirates in November?

Where is it warmer in the Emirates in November?

November is one of the most favorite holiday periods for tourists coming to the UAE, so get ready for some noise. Prices in hotels or in the best townhouses in Dubai / UAE are also on the rise, as this is the high tourist season.

But given the weather in the United Arab Emirates in November, these moments can be experienced.

November in the UAE

The heat at this time subsides, the dry climate turns into a milder and more comfortable one, and the highest temperature does not exceed 30 ° C. For walks in the evenings, it is better to bring shirts, light sweaters with long sleeves. You will also need an umbrella. In November, the probability of precipitation increases, because the "wet period" starts. For example, in Sharjah, which is considered the rainiest emirate, it rains up to 10mm per month, while in other emirates it rains very infrequently.

Making a conclusion regarding whether it is possible to go to the Emirates in November, let's say that November is the golden time for a comfortable stay in the UAE, and especially for those who cannot stand the summer heat.

What to do in November?

You always want to dilute your beach holiday with excursions, trips to houses in Dubai or to interesting places. In November, many events take place in the United Arab Emirates that can brighten up your leisure time and allow you to spend time with benefit:

  • Racing Championship on Yas Island. Regardless of the weather in the Emirates in November, the races always take place and gather a large audience. They usually last three days. Those who have a ticket can not only enjoy the competition, but also attend the concerts that take place there in the evening;
  • Abu Dhabi Arts Festival. There you can see famous exhibitions from the best galleries in the world.
  • Date Festival. A wonderful opportunity to taste different varieties of dates and dishes in which they appear.

Look for your corner, where it is warmer in the emirates in November, and fall in love not with the hot UAE, but with a little cool, sunny and comfortable!

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