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Where to buy an iPhone in the Emirates?

Where to buy an iPhone in the Emirates?

Tourists coming to the emirates are looking not only for great vacations, but also want to buy a townhouse in the UAE and arrange a profitable shopping experience for themselves. The opportunity to purchase branded items, souvenirs, equipment at a lower price attracts everyone.

Before traveling to this country, many are not just interested in how much an iPhone costs in the Emirates, planning in advance how much they will spend on buying gadgets. Let's dwell on this moment in more detail.

iPhone prices

Apple hunters are divided into several camps: one part wants to buy old models, and the other wants new ones. But even the latest models can be purchased in the UAE at better prices.

So, for those who want to know how much the iPhone 7 costs in the Emirates, we give a rough guideline:

  • 32Gb phone — $598.77;
  • 128Gb phone - $707.69.

Prices may vary depending on the store where you will buy the gadget and on its condition - new or used. Discounts on the latest models are understandably not very big, but you will still save some money.

For example, here is how much the iPhone 12 costs in the emirates in malls:

  • 64Gb - 925.00$
  • 128Gb - $982.50
  • 256Gb - $1096.94

Even in the shops of the United Arab Emirates practice the exchange of phones. You can return your old iPhone model and buy a new one right away, saving some money.

Discounts on equipment

Everyone wants to go shopping and get discounts all the time. Especially when all the "prayers" to the gods of shopping stop working... The best option is to come during the period of seasonal discounts in winter and summer. Moreover, you can kill two birds with one stone and appreciate profitability of buying property in the UAE while you are in the country. In the UAE, such large-scale sales are called "Dubai Summer Surprises" and "Dubai Shopping Festival". Visit them, ask how much iPhones cost in the Emirates, ask the price and a successful, and most importantly, profitable purchase is already in your pocket.

In summer, discounts most often start from June to July, and in winter - from January 24 to February 24. Shopping malls, malls, boutiques have Christmas sales and if you take the time to walk through the main points, you will find discounts that will save you up to 80%. As you can see, knowing how much an iPhone costs in the Emirates, you can buy a gadget at a really low price, so combine leisure and shopping and save your budget!

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