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How to get to the Emirates: the legal aspect

How to get to the Emirates: the legal aspect

Each country or territory decides who can enter or exit through its borders. Therefore, in order to think about how to get to the United Arab Emirates, it is important to understand in advance whether a person will be allowed in there.

For specific information about the evidence that will need to be entered at a foreign destination, including vaccinations and tests for COVID-19, it is worth contacting the nearest embassy, ​​consulate or immigration department of the destination where the person is entering.

Tourist visas on arrival are available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Holders of diplomatic and official passports must obtain a visa before traveling. When applying for a visa, you should double-check your personal information online with the Federal Authority for Identification and Citizenship before booking a flight. For flights to and from Dubai, please visit the Emirates Airlines website.

Conditions of entry and exit can be changed as soon as possible. Therefore, it is important to be in touch with the UAE Embassy, ​​Consulate General or local authorities to confirm your visa and/or residency status, as well as for detailed information on entry permits, currency, customs and quarantine regulations.

Diplomatic relations between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were restored in January 2021. All points of entry between the two countries are reopened. If a person plans to travel between the UAE and Qatar and is interested in selling penthouses in Dubai/UAE, general tourism, sightseeing or visiting relatives, you need to confirm your travel plans with the airline or travel agent.

How to get to the Emirates: transport

The most popular transport is considered to be the plane. It is in demand among those tourists who want to know how to get to the United Arab Emirates without unnecessary difficulties and as quickly as possible. The fastest travel option is a non-stop flight: the flight time from Moscow to the UAE was no more than 5 hours and 10 minutes (before sanctions were not applied to the Russian Federation). The duration of a direct flight from Kyiv in approximately the same way is from 5 hours. A flight with a transfer can take about 10 hours. The approximate flight time from Kharkov to the UAE is 4 and a half hours. The actual flight time is always different, even if the flight is on the same aircraft. In addition, flight time is related to the model of aircraft, the aviation companies responsible for transportation, air corridors and other factors.

What should not be forgotten?

Representatives of the UAE real estate agency say that some states do not allow people to enter if the passport is not valid within 6 months after the person plans to leave this country. This requirement may apply even if the person is merely traveling in transit or staying for the day. Some foreign governments and airlines apply this rule inconsistently. Travelers may receive conflicting advice from various sources.

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