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What is the name of the clothes in the Emirates

What is the name of the clothes in the Emirates

The culture of the UAE is multifaceted and amazing. Starting from traditional dishes, continuing with sweets, historical buildings and ending with clothes.

Traditional clothing is a symbol of culture and honor for the Emirates. It has deep roots that originate in their culture and religion. The inhabitants of this country rarely dress in Western clothes, as they are very proud of their traditions. Moreover, many European girls are actively searching the Internet for information on the search query “what is the name of women's clothing in the Emirates” in order to get in touch with traditional Arab outfits closer. While the entire Arabian Peninsula shares similarities in dress, there are a few minor differences. Some of them are obvious, while others can only be caught by the trained eye.

The specifics and concept of such clothing

Emirates clothing emphasizes modesty, to understand this fact, just look at how men walk in the United Arab Emirates, even if they have a lot of money. The traditional dress of Emirates men is Dishdasha or Kandura. This is an ankle length one piece garment. Having bought a small house or penthouse in the United Arab Emirates and fully experienced the traditions and lifestyle, they sometimes wear half-sleeved kandoors, but formal kandoors always have long sleeves, which are used at official receptions. Emirates kandoors are mostly white, although there are other variations such as brown, beige, gray and more. One can distinguish Emirates kandoors from others because Emirates ones are always collarless and have conceptual embroidery on the sleeves.

Emirates men wear Shemagi as a headdress. It is an integral part of their traditional Emirates dress. Shemagi, which is a square piece of scarf, protects their head and face from the scorching heat of the desert. They also cover their faces with it when the dust gets too high in the air.

Features of jewelry and wardrobe items

Most often, tourists ask local residents, visitors and representatives of a real estate agency in Dubai what Agal is. Agal (Ikal / Ekal depending on the dialect) is a black rope strip located above the head, designed to: hold Shemagi in place. It is one huge round band that folds up to form two rings when worn. Agals are not worn in everyday life. But at official receptions, Agals cannot be ignored. They are also an aesthetic element. Emirates Agals have two cords hanging from the back, or two ropes that turn into one with a few tassels at the end. The number of cords varies by country. Saudi Agals usually do not have these cords, while Qatari Agals have as many as four.

Bisht, also called the "wing of the Arabs", is a common link that connects all Arab cultures. They have been using it for thousands of years. Unlike all other items of traditional Emirates clothing, Bisht is relatively similar across all Arab countries. It is a sleeveless ceremonial cloak worn over a kandura, black or beige and trimmed with gold or silver embroidery.

When answering the question of what clothes are called in the Emirates, it is important not to forget that in different territories style elements sometimes have different meanings or appearance. Therefore, do not get attached to general terms. It is better to get to know the culture a little closer on your own, take the time to get acquainted with the traditions and, while traveling around the UAE, get to know the specifics of different regions better.

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