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What are the names of the inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates and who lives there?

What are the names of the inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates and who lives there?

The UAE is known not only for its oil reserves and the tallest skyscrapers in the world, but also for its level of security. Imagine how many people from different countries come to this country, how many cultures intersect here and yet security continues to be at a high level.

Arabs, as they call the inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates, make up the bulk of the population with only 10-20% of the native population. These are the same people who live in their own villas, can afford to buy a duplex in the UAE, drive luxury cars. Tourists look at them with delight and admiration, wondering what riches are stored in their houses. But at the same time you can meet workers from India, Pakistan, Iran, who work at the construction site and are considered a labor force. And this is the contrast of the UAE - poverty and luxury that go hand in hand.

What do the locals look like?

Being in this country, it's hard not to identify the locals or know what the name of the Emirati resident is, as they have distinctive features in their appearance. Arab women wear a cape dress called abaya, which hides them from prying eyes. But underneath such attire can be dresses and suits of world brands, so don`t think that their closet is limited to black capes. Men, on the other hand, wear a kandura, a long white dress, a gafia cap, and a ghutra shawl that holds a tourniquet-rim.

How do the Arabs live in the UAE?

The natives of the emirates don`t have any financial difficulties, because almost from birth the state provides them with everything. Thinking about what the inhabitants of the emirates are called, many jokingly say, "They can be called rich." This is indeed true. Local residents occupy high positions in government, run their own business, know how to buy a loft in the Arab Emirates, or several apartments at once, which will earn them money.

They also receive substantial social guarantees:

  • they can use water and electricity for free;
  • concluding the marriage provides a one-time compensation (somewhere around $ 120 thousand);
  • there is an opportunity to get a loan of up to 30 years at an annual interest rate of 2%;
  • free secondary and higher education;
  • free medicine within the UAE.

In addition, there are no income taxes, taxation, which is why this country attracts so many budding businessmen eager to start their own business. It`s not so important what the name of the inhabitants of the emirates and what clothes the locals wear. They honor the traditions of their state, want to contribute to its development and take it to new heights.

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