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How to open a visa to the Emirates

How to open a visa to the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, also referred to as the UAE or the Emirates, is a popular destination for tourists and business travelers due to its relatively simple visa requirements compared to neighboring countries in the Middle East.

This makes the country an excellent choice for companies that are expanding internationally. However, just like in any other country, there are special requirements that must be followed regarding immigration, residence visas and work permits. In addition to the basic conditions for obtaining, you need to know how much a visa to the United Arab Emirates costs and what package of documents should be prepared.

Types of work visas in the United Arab Emirates

On September 5, 2022, the UAE government introduced new immigration rules, including a new resident visa system that introduces several new categories. According to the new rules, a residence permit for work includes: The contract employment residence permit is an employer-sponsored residence permit that requires approval from the Ministry of Human Resources & Emirates (MOHRE) and an employment contract.

The Green Visa is a 5-year residence permit for investors, highly skilled workers and freelancers. A visa can also be automatically granted for 3-5 years to those foreigners who have bought housing for a specific amount. To clarify the conditions, you need to go to the UAE real estate websites and familiarize yourself with the requirements. UAE work visa requirements.

To obtain a visa to live in the UAE and work, people will need the following documents:

  • Current passport and photocopy.
  • Photo.
  • Emirates ID card.
  • Entry permit from the Ministry of Labor.
  • Data obtained from a medical examination.
  • Copies of the corporate card from the employer.
  • Copies of the company's commercial license.

An employee can apply for a work permit after obtaining a residence visa. In order to obtain a work permit, an employee will need all of the above documents, as well as a work permit application form, which must be completed in Arabic, and an employment contract or job offer from a company in the UAE. Regardless of what a person plans to do in the country - buying the best penthouses in the United Arab Emirates, temporarily residing, working or building his personal life, it is impossible to do without a visa.

Application Process

Consideration should be given to the process of obtaining a work permit in the UAE in three stages: obtaining an entry work visa, obtaining an Emirates ID (also known as a resident ID), and obtaining a residence visa and work permit. An entry visa to the UAE is also called a pink visa. To begin the process of obtaining this permit, the employer must apply for visa quota approval on behalf of the employee. This approval will be obtained through the Department of Labor (MOL). When entering the UAE with a pink visa, the employee has 60 days to obtain a residence visa and an official work permit.

Emirates for Ukrainian tourists

Travelers who come to the country not for work, but for recreation, are often interested in how much a visa to the United Arab Emirates costs for Ukrainians and how to get it. It is important to remember the basic nuances.

1. If the immigration services of the emirates refuse a visa to a person, the tour can be canceled only in accordance with the terms of the contract. 2. To open a visa, you need four to five full working days, excluding: the day the visa application is received, days off in the UAE - Friday and Saturday, Sunday (day off in Ukraine). 3. A travel visa is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival of a tourist in the UAE. 4. A travel visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. 5. The UAE visa is not stuck in the passport. Only a stamp is put in the passport confirming entry into the UAE and exit from the UAE. The visa looks like an A4 sheet. 6. Check-in for air travel in the UAE can only be carried out if there is a photocopy of the visa. 7. The immigration service of the country may not argue why a person was denied or prohibited from issuing a visa. The cost of a visa for a tourist is - 70 US dollars.

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