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How to behave in the United Arab Emirates

How to behave in the United Arab Emirates

Despite the quantity of state advantages, a high level of security, loyal housing prices, not every tourist will like it here. This is due to quantity of rules that must be followed.

For example, trying to figure out how to behave in the United Arab Emirates, tourists from East and North Asia may be discouraged by the fact that here you can’t get drunk to recklessness, shout good obscenities at the top of your voice and pester strangers in an attempt to provoke a conflict. It is worth looking at the basic requirements for tourists and locals.

How to behave in public places?

  • In public transport, it is forbidden to consume water, food, and even eat sweets. Violation of such a law can force you to fork out 100 dirhams to pay a fine.
  • Exceeding the speed limit and ignoring road signs can lead to not just a fine, but deportation.
  • When renting a penthouse in Dubai or a hotel room, it is forbidden to steal towels and more essential interior elements, such as toilets.
  • In public transport, separate cars are provided for males and separate for women, as well as their children.
  • Any manifestations of love are not allowed if the eyes of outsiders can fall on a couple. Holding hands or carrying a girl on your lap in public transport is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages is allowed only with a license. Since you need to behave in the United Arab Emirates as restrained as possible with alcohol. Otherwise, the person may be fined. With a license, a person can make purchases of alcoholic beverages in a bar, supermarket and sign in permitted places. Without a license, you can’t even carry alcohol in your bag or backpack.
  • When people turn to real estate agencies in the UAE to buy a home, they should know that now, linking their lives with this country, one should not focus on their neckline, tight clothing or other defiant elements.

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