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How is life in the United Arab Emirates?

How is life in the United Arab Emirates?

The Emirates have become for everyone the fairy tale that one wants to get into. Sheikhs, exoticism, wealth, exclusive hotels and villas - all this attracts people from all over the world. "I wonder, how do they live in the Arab Emirates?" - almost every second person asks the question.

Everyone wants to see with their own eyes the architectural wonders and skyscrapers and plunge into an ocean of contrasts, luxury, but at the same time conservatism. If the emirates seem familiar and understandable to the locals for obvious reasons, for visitors and tourists, this Muslim country each time opens a new side, which only further fuels interest in how the Arabs live in the United Arab Emirates and what lifestyle they choose.

UAE - what are they like?

As mentioned above, the Emirates are a Muslim country and therefore there are some prohibitions, although now they are not so categorical. It's just that many people look at the way of life in the emirates, from the tourists, and for tourists, of course, all these restrictions seem questionable. But for the locals, it is part of their life, their religion.

During Ramadan, which is considered an important religious holiday, it is forbidden to drink alcohol, eat any food and smoke in public places. This applies to everyone without exception. It is also forbidden to walk in overly open clothing and show excessive tactility in the streets. This can be interpreted as disrespect for tradition.

But don`t worry about how people live in the Arab Emirates and get an education there, because it`s considered one of the best in the world. With a diploma from any local institution of higher education you can enter the best universities in the world. And since it`s cheaper to study here, many foreign students come here just to get an education. The conservatism in the UAE is also gradually softening. Sharia Law is no longer in 1st place, although this has no effect on how the Arabs live in the Emirates, because it applies more to the tourists.

The attitude towards women is also changing, although we are used to the fact that previously they often succumbed to pressure and were under some kind of oppression. Now women can hold high positions, buy lofts in the UAE, manage departments and companies and even work in parliament.

Spending and the UAE

Of course the Emirates are clearly not among the countries with cheap prices, but it is not a staggering amount of money. If you look at how people live in the Emirates, it would seem that they do nothing but spend money and allow themselves large-scale purchases. But this is understandable, because the state treats the citizens of the UAE with a special thrill:

  • when a young person turns 21, the country allocates him a plot of land and finances to build his home. This applies only to men;
  • if a couple has a third child, the loan they took is automatically repaid;
  • the "standard" pension in the UAE is about 3 thousand dollars a month, and this fact also perfectly illustrates how people live in the Arab Emirates and what a high standard of living in the country;
  • UAE citizens don`t have to pay for utilities as there are government subsidies.

By expanding jobs and providing opportunities for business growth and development, the emirates have become a successful and fast-growing economic center. It is now a place where opportunities thrive and where selling a duplex in the UAE is becoming commonplace. And all spheres - logistics, transportation, tourism, trade - work for the benefit of the country.

One can not be surprised by the way they live in the Arab Emirates, with all the protection of the state in relation to the locals. The UAE knows how to surprise and it seems that more than once we will hear about new achievements of this country.

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