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What is the food like in the emirates?

What is the food like in the emirates?

Food... This is the very thing that unites all people in the world, because everyone loves delicious food. Without exception. And when it comes to travel, even more so. Once in a new country, it is impossible to resist the temptation to try the national cuisine, so if you are going to fly to the UAE and want to understand what food to try in the emirates, then open a notebook and make notes!

The specifics of food in the UAE

As you can imagine, there are many similarities with Middle Eastern cuisine. In the emirates, they also like to add chickpeas everywhere, cook meat with vegetables in tortillas and use a lot of spices. And, of course, spices. Without them — nowhere. They are added to almost all meat dishes. The most popular of them are:

  • cinnamon, cumin;
  • turmeric, cloves;
  • coriander, cardamom;
  • hot peppers.

If you buy a house in the United Arab Emirates and watch the locals in restaurants or cafes and look at what kind of meat is eaten in the emirates, you will notice a trend that most Arabs eat lamb, lamb and beef. Pork is practically not found in dishes due to religious reasons.

Main dishes

Before the UAE became a large-scale metropolis, the locals who lived in the desert preferred rice, flatbread, camel milk, dates, lamb and fish. Now what cuisine is like in the Arab Emirates has been influenced by a slightly different way of life and access to all sorts of products that are imported into the country.

So, national dishes worth paying attention to:

  • Al Madruba. This is a salted fish that is boiled and then served with an unusual sauce.
  • Ferid. Meat with vegetables, which is stewed for a long time. It is served on a flatbread so that the dough is soaked with juice from the meat.
  • Guzi. Goat or lamb cooked with rice and nuts.
  • Al Haris. Wheat and meat are stewed for about 5 hours until it becomes soft. Most often, such a dish is prepared for the holidays and this is exactly what you need to try in the emirates or you will not feel the spirit of the country.

The ideal location of the UAE (the coast of the Persian and Oman Gulfs) not only makes the prospect of selling a townhouse in the United Arab Emirates tempting, but also allows you to dilute the kitchen with seafood. Crabs, tuna, perch, barracuda and even shark dishes make you convinced that the food in the emirates is still different and contrasting.

Another benefit is affordable food. You can go to a restaurant or walk around the streets of the city, looking at the market or to the sellers in tents. And the quality of the food will not change. Catering in the UAE is really on a high bar. So, cast all doubts aside and add an item about national cuisine to your list called "what to try in the United Arab Emirates".

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