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What is the weather like in the Emirates in summer?

What is the weather like in the Emirates in summer?

Summer in the UAE is the most contrasting period. Tourists come to look after real estate in the UAE, relax and soak up the sun, while local residents, on the contrary, leave the emirates to wait out the sultry heat.

Since the climate in the UAE is arid and subtropical, the hottest weather occurs in the last months of summer. Accordingly, knowing what the weather is like in the Emirates in July, you can be prepared for the fact that coolness and shade should not be expected.

Temperature in summer

In summer, the air temperature in the UAE can rise to 40–42 °C, and at peak times even up to 50 °C. At night, the temperature drops slightly to 28–30 °C. Of course, there is practically no rain at this time, but coastal waters also affect the weather in the emirates in summer. They add moisture, and humidity and heat are not the best combo. People who have health problems, in particular those related to the cardiovascular system, it is better to think twice before you travel to the UAE, as such heat can exacerbate the problems.

What to do in the Emirates in July?

Despite the hot sun, you can always wait until the evening when the temperature drops and visit the main sights and places of interest, including:

  • skyscraper Burj Khalifa;
  • Palm Jumeirah;
  • mosques of Jumeirah;
  • the fortress of Al Jahali.

There are also shopping centers, cafes, nightclubs, amusement parks, bars. True, do not forget that the UAE is a Muslim country and it has its own rules. Dubai in this regard is quite democratic, but nevertheless you should not go too far. In early July, by the way, the Liwa Date Festival takes place, where you can taste different varieties of dates and learn about how they are grown.

And if you're looking to beat the heat with winter coolness, then Ski Dubai in the giant Moll of the Emirates is the perfect option. In your free time, you can also explore the real estate market of the Emirates, because this is a very promising story that brings a lot of income. For example, selling villas in the UAE can become a good business, and you will discover new facets of the investment world.

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