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What is the socket in the Emirates?

What is the socket in the Emirates?

Will I be able to charge my phone with a regular charger when I arrive in the UAE? Perhaps an adapter is needed? And how to find out which sockets in the United Arab Emirates are used?

These questions are of interest to almost every tourist who is going to come to the Emirates, since no one wants to be left without the opportunity to charge their gadgets, buy real estate in the UAE or buy some additional devices.

Sockets in the UAE

In the Emirates, the following types of sockets are used:

  • type C - EuroPlug;
  • type G;
  • type D.

It is often impossible to predict which sockets will be in hotel rooms. True, in some hotels they put combined sockets. Therefore, before checking in, it is better to check with the administrator what sockets are in the emirates so that you are prepared. Let's go through a little more detail on the types of outlets. The first type is the most common Euro plug, which is found in almost all electrical appliances in the CIS countries.

The third is an example of an old fork. Until 1947 they were used in England, although now they are almost gone in Britain, but they are in use in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The second is used in Britain today. And not only there, but also in the former colonies of Britain. Before you stay at the hotel, check which plug in the emirates, so as not to be in an uncomfortable situation. If there are sockets of type G, then you cannot do without an adapter.

Where to buy adapters?

Adapters cannot be purchased at any store, because they are not in demand. Therefore, it is better to buy a universal adapter and it will save you from possible torment. Such adapters are available in the technical departments of shopping centers. In some hotels at the reception they immediately offer to take an adapter. In any case, do not worry about which socket in the emirates, because given how many shopping centers there are in the UAE, you will definitely find the adapters you need. And if you are interested in the real estate market of the United Arab Emirates and you often think about how to buy a villa in the UAE, then contact The Capital Dubai agency. You will be able to see properties in the best areas of Dubai.

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