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What is the connection in the emirates?

What is the connection in the emirates?

Thoughts about travel always warm the soul - we imagine how we come to a new country, study culture, think about buying a townhouse in the UAE, walk around interesting places.

And of course we want to share our emotions and impressions of the trip with friends and relatives by dialing them on the phone. Therefore, before traveling to the UAE, you should figure out what the connection is in the Emirates, so that you know exactly how to contact your loved ones.

Roaming and SIM cards

When you land in Dubai, you will receive messages from the operator about roaming conditions. They are quite profitable, but most often - not very much. So that you understand what offers operators have, it is better to read about them right away before you get to the UAE. In general, there are two main national operators in the country - Etisalat and du. The first one is more suitable for residents of the country due to the postpaid agreement.

But the second is just a tourist option. Of course, I want to not only get access to calls, but also to understand how much mobile Internet costs in the emirates - without it, it will not work normally to google information about excursions, restaurants, etc. If we talk about these two operators, then their prices are almost the same. It all depends on the service package you choose.

Do messengers work?

Unfortunately the UAE has a small minus - it has its own laws and restrictions in the field of communications. For example, WhatsUp, Skype, Viber calls will not be active, although if the FireWall blocking system does not work perfectly, then you will be able to get through messengers. However, this does not affect the high profitability of buying a house in the United Arab Emirates and the fact that you can get a stable income by investing in real estate.

Get around this by using VOIP services that are still usable in the emirates:

  • HiU;
  • Skype Businesses;
  • Google Meet;
  • GoChat Messenger;
  • BOTIM;
  • Zoom;
  • C`Me;
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Voico.

But they will only work for calls if the tariff supports such a function. We advise you to immediately clarify how much a SIM card costs in the Emirates, as soon as you land, buy it and resort to the help of services. You can go to the Etisalat office and buy a Visitor Line SIM card to get 2,4,6,22 GB of traffic. It is important to stay in touch with loved ones at all times, especially on vacation in another country. Look for the best rates, buy a SIM card and share your travel moments every day!

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