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What fruits are there in the Emirates?

What fruits are there in the Emirates?

Do you think that the arid climate of the UAE has no room for a huge amount of fruits and vegetables? No, there isn't. The agricultural industry here is constantly developing.

The Emirati government plans the budget so that a decent amount of money is spent on agriculture and its development. That's why there are so many innovative greenhouse complexes and technologies for growing plants.

What do they grow in the UAE?

Some fruits and vegetables do grow here, but some are also purchased from other countries. For example, in the Emirates they definitely grow:

  • tomatoes, cucumbers;
  • potatoes;
  • peppers;
  • strawberries;
  • watermelons;
  • bananas;
  • dates.

If you look at the numbers, every year here they harvest more than 500 thousand tons of grain, somewhere around 3 million tons of dates and 45 thousand tons of fruit. And there are other numbers that can change your life - these are the numbers of a large sum in your account after the sale of a house in the UAE. If you want such a scenario to come true, then contact The Capital Dubai Real Estate Agency and we will help you find the perfect properties.

Most often imported fruits appear on the shelves at a time when the country begins to harvest and plant new fruits and vegetables. Then you can see how mangoes, pineapples, pomegranates, melons, tangerines and guava appear in supermarkets.

Meat prices

Everyone has heard about the high prices of dairy and meat in this country, as the main strength of the Emirates is seafood and fish. Here you don't have to worry about high prices. The rest is import and import again.

So, before you go to any Dubai supermarket, you probably want to know how much meat costs in the emirates and what you can count on. Here are approximate prices:

  • beef - 30-60 dirhams (per 1 kg);
  • chicken filet - 20-30;
  • lamb - 45-70.

You can save by buying meat with bones, and, by the way, the Arabs themselves rarely buy it. Perhaps they don`t want to waste time on any unnecessary manipulations with the meat. In general, don`t worry - when you come to the UAE, you will not be left without delicious fruits, vegetables or meat. The number of stores, markets, fruit points is so vast that you still have to choose where to spend your money! And if you buy a duplex in the UAE, you can enjoy rare exotic fruits whenever you want, at any time of the season.

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