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What is the sea in the United Arab Emirates and where can you swim?

What is the sea in the United Arab Emirates and where can you swim?

The UAE delights many people. This is not just another resort where people come to sunbathe and swim in the sea. This is a separate Universe where the spirit of the future reigns, in which there is a place for unusual architectural buildings, unique hotels, advanced technologies.

And of course everyone wants to become a part of this Universe. This is what everyone comes here for!

Sea in the UAE

The Emirates are located on the Arabian Peninsula, and if you immediately dwell on what seas the Arab Emirates are washed by, then let's just say - they are washed by the Persian Gulf. And the bay, in turn, refers to the Arabian Sea, which flows into the Indian Ocean. Thanks to this geographical nuance, tourists who have visited the UAE can believe that they swam not only in the bay, but also in the sea and ocean. And considering what kind of sea is in the emirates, namely warm, clean, you can even say that you swam in the best sea.

Which emirate is the best to swim in?

The waters of the UAE are so diverse that even the most demanding tourists will find the perfect place to relax or sell real estate in the UAE that brings a lot of income. Somewhere the sea is calmer, and somewhere unpredictable and deep. The water temperature may be lower or higher. Against this background, many are trying to figure out where it is better to swim in the emirates in order to truly enjoy swimming and relaxing.

You can, for example, start from the following:

  • the sea in Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi belongs to the Persian Gulf;
  • resorts and beaches of such emirates as Khor Fakkan, Fujairah, Kalba, Ein al-Ghumur go directly to the Gulf of Oman.

Study the specifics of these bays and you will understand which emirates are closer to you! When studying the United Arab Emirates, what kind of sea or ocean is there and what vacation options you can afford, pay special attention to whether all the conditions for families with children are there. Because very often this option fades into the background.

In general, the sea in Dubai is characterized as fairly calm. Artificial islands, located nearby, act as a barrier from the weather. The depth is not too great, and the most comfortable water temperature appears in October and November, therefore, having arrived in the Emirates, where it is a pleasure to swim during this period, many people stay here for some more time and rent a townhouse in the UAE to relax there with their families.

Some say that sharks often attack tourists here. It is not true. Of course, there are sharks in the waters of the UAE, but they rarely come close to them. Come to the UAE to swim in two bays, being on the territory of one state and to look at the emirates, what kind of sea and skyscrapers are there with your own eyes!

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