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What is the sea in the emirates?

What is the sea in the emirates?

When we go somewhere to rest, we first of all think about the sea and the beach. We want to understand what kind of sea is there, the temperature of the water, whether there are sharks there and what kind of bottom is rocky or sandy.

In this case, we will talk about the UAE, so let's find out which sea the United Arab Emirates is on and which oceans surround this state.

Geographic reference

Since the emirates are located in the northeastern region of the Arabian Peninsula, the country's territory is washed by the Persian and Oman gulfs. In the southwest the peninsula is surrounded by the Red Sea, and in the south by the Arabian and Gulf of Aden.

The Persian Gulf is unofficially considered an "inland" sea. It is not too deep (115 m) and stretches for 926 kilometers. Perhaps someone doesn't know, but what kind of sea in the United Arab Emirates is also associated with oil, because the coastal territory of the bay is the very place where large oil reserves are located. The main resorts of the UAE are just located on the shores of the bays, where many people want to buy a loft in Dubai, and Fujairah and part of Sharjah are connected to the coast of the Indian Ocean.

Water temperature

The average water temperature is kept at +25, and in summer - +35. In winter, the temperature drops to +17, so if you have always wondered what kind of sea is in the emirates in winter, then know that it is cool enough, especially for swimming children. An alternative could be heated pools at hotels or spa complexes. Most often, tourists choose Dubai for holidays, where they want to buy the best duplexes in Dubai / UAE or Abu Dhabi, since there are many artificial islands nearby, the entrance to the sea is safe, which is appreciated by parents who come on vacation with children.

Concluding the part about what kind of sea is in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, it is worth adding that thanks to the artificial islands located nearby, the waters of the bays are calm and will not disturb you with large waves.

Wherever you go, remember that it is important to take care of your safety, including:

  • Don't run jump into the water;
  • Do not go into the water without knowing how deep it is;
  • Don't ignore the red flag posted by the lifeguards;
  • Watch where you step so you don't hit the coral reefs.

Knowing what kind of sea is in the United Arab Emirates you can more intelligently approach planning a trip and choose the time and the city that suits you in all respects.

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