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What kind of taxi is there in the emirates?

What kind of taxi is there in the emirates?

Arab Emirates is a country where tourists from all over the world come to see with their own eyes the splendor of skyscrapers, buy a house in the UAE, artificial islands and to feel how the metropolis and the desert coexist to form one of the most advanced states in the modern world.

But when we arrive in a new country, the question of transport and movement always becomes relevant: what is the best way to get around in the UAE, how much does a taxi cost in the emirates and how to get to the main attractions?

What you need to know about taxi in the UAE?

Taxi in Dubai ranks 1st in popularity among tourists. If you are interested in how to call a taxi in the emirates, then this can be done through the application or hail a car on the street. Taxi drivers usually wait for people near shopping malls, restaurants, etc. You can pay for the trip both by card and in cash.

The average fare is something like this:

  • by prior order by phone - 12 dirhams;
  • without pre-order - 5 dirhams;
  • for each kilometer - 2 dirhams;
  • maximum payment - 12 dirhams.

Looking at what taxis are available in the emirates, we can conclude that it all depends on the passenger - someone needs a luxury car, someone needs a VIP class. Accordingly, on the roads of Dubai you can see different models of cars, including expensive car brands.

Official and unofficial taxis in the UAE

If you see a taxi with a classic checker, the corresponding inscription or identification mark, then it can be considered official. During trips there is a counter. Trips with the meter turned off are considered illegal and the passenger may even demand not to pay anything. Pay attention to which taxi in the emirates is approaching you and which driver is driving, as you may run into scammers looking for an easy way to "make money".

Also, be sure to ask the driver the cost of the trip before boarding, so that it doesn’t happen that you reach a certain location and the driver will draw you a fabulous amount, which in fact could not work out. Summing up, we can say that it is not so important which taxi in the emirates you order when it comes to the model. The most important thing is to be vigilant and stay away from taxi drivers who work illegally.

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