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Which Emirate is closer to Dubai?

Which Emirate is closer to Dubai?

It was just a desert, and now a large-scale metropolis, striking in its grandeur and progress. Yes, we are talking about the UAE, which is developing at an incredible pace.

Crowds of tourists tend to get here to buy real estate in the UAE, see the main attractions and appreciate the beauty of the country from the height of skyscrapers. However, many do not know which emirate is closer to Dubai, and do not discover other places for themselves, although they are very close.

Abu Dhabi

An hour and a half and you will get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. This emirate is considered the business center of the UAE. Beach holidays are not developed here, but there are many places worth visiting:

  • ancient mosques;
  • skyscrapers;
  • palaces;
  • monuments;
  • fountains;

In addition, not only the fact that the emirate is closer to Dubai makes it quite attractive to visit, but also the fact that there is greenery at every step. This is the "greenest" emirate, so you will see picturesque views at every turn and you can hide from the sun in the shade of green spaces.

How to choose an emirate?

Based on your preferences and what kind of vacation you want to get. Fans of active nightlife and clubs should better find out which emirate is closer to Dubai and go there. As we found out, this is Abu Dhabi. Pay attention to these two emirates.

For connoisseurs of family vacations who want not only to feel calm relaxation, but also to evaluate the profitability of buying a villa in the UAE, we recommend choosing:

  • Fujairah;
  • Ras Al Khaimah;
  • Sharjah.

For shopping, it is better to go to Dubai, and if you are interested in luxury hotels with their own beach and swimming pools on the roofs of the upper floors, then this emirate is just the epicenter of luxury and architectural wonders. Well, do not forget about a simple rule: the farther from Dubai, the lower the prices for hotels and food. And the service is not inferior to Dubai!

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