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Which emirate is better?

Which emirate is better?

Do you want to go to the UAE, but you can’t decide which emirate to choose so that your vacation is unforgettable and worth the money you spent?

In fact, this country will not allow you to be disappointed in any emirate. Just based on your preferences and capabilities, you will probably want to choose the emirate that best suits all your wishes. Let's find out what are the advantages of each of them, so that you can be sure of your choice?

Main advantages

Do you prefer outdoor activities or do you like sunbathing by the sea? Are you traveling alone or with your family? Would you like to save money or are you ready to spend quite a lot of money, stay in a luxury hotel or even go for broke and buy a loft in Dubai to come here every year? As you can see, all these questions are directly related to which emirate to choose for a holiday in the UAE, so it is important to find the answer to them.

So, brief information about the emirates:

  • Dubai. It is the most popular among tourists. If this is your first trip to the UAE, this is the place to start. The sail-shaped hotel, the incredible Palm Island, the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa and dazzling skyscrapers are the main features of Dubai that you must discover. But keep in mind that when thinking about which emirate to choose, you need to look at prices. Here they are much higher than in others. Nevertheless, real estate in this city never loses its popularity and requests for how to buy a duplex in Dubai remain relevant to this day.
  • Sharjah or "cultural capital". Mosques, theaters, museums, convenient location (near Dubai), low prices are the main advantages. But the disadvantages include more stringent rules for tourists. For example, here you will not buy alcohol and you will not be able to walk down the street in too revealing clothes.
  • Ajman. It is small in area, but can offer good prices and good beaches. Here the rules are more democratic. True, the town itself is not so picturesque, even a little uncomfortable. Therefore, if you will be at the hotel most of the time, then don't think about which emirate to choose for families with children - this option is quite suitable.
  • Fujairah. The best place for a beach holiday, as the emirate is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. White sand, clear water, water sports, luxury hotels - you can arrange a real paradise vacation for yourself.

The best period to visit the UAE

While relaxing, you want to feel comfortable and not complain about the heat, right? Therefore, it is best to quickly decide which emirate is better and go on a trip in November, December or February. During this period, prices fall, and the temperature does not exceed critical levels.

The high season is from March to April and from October to November, but winter time should not be discarded either. Just the water in the sea will be cooler. Traveling and getting to know a new culture and traditions is always exciting. You can search for a long time which emirate to choose for a holiday in the UAE, but until you get to know all of them live, you will not feel the spirit of the East!

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